The Best Period to Carry Out Your Exercise

You really need to know the best time to do an exercise for maximal result and benefits; the benefits of exercising consistently on a regular basis cannot be over-emphasized.

The type of physical activity and the location for an exercise is not the only determinant factor, but the time in which you carry out that exercise, should always be put into consideration regularly.

Although, every individuals have different ways and time in which the body respond best to exercise, to some it could be that their body always respond well in the morning, while some afternoon or night.

Sincerely, for a person to gain fitness regime, the best time is in the morning, because you tend to have little time for distraction, family attention, other plans and night workouts can be skipped due to stress.exercise

It’s being said that, the best time to do an exercise is in the morning, to gain maximum and effective metabolism rate, and the suitable time for workout can’t measure up with the effect of consistency.

You probably might know the best time your work out, work best for you, so if you are not the morning type, it’s not advisable for you to wake up very early to start your exercise, never take it too hard.

The standard period for a moderate and intense exercise according to the American Heart Association for a week is a minimum of 2 ½ hours (150 minutes), which is cool for moderate- intense exercise.

While for a vigorous-intense workout, 11/4 hour (75 minutes) maximum is best, but for some of us that have a very tight schedule, depending on what you do, you can split it to about 3-4 minute to make up.

When I mean split it, I’m referring to you taking a walk around your work place for 10 minutes, and walk briskly around during your hour, and wrap it up with another 10 minutes walk in the evening.

So working out in the morning make you crave for a healthy –balanced food, setting you up for a healthy eating lifestyle, making you sleep well at night.