These 5 Everyday Habits Will Make You Age In Time

Who would have thought that some little everyday habits like sleeping posture and the likes can actually make a person age quite early?

Although aging is inevitable, no one wants to age earlier than normal. However, due to some environmental factors as well as some of our common everyday habits, looking like a forty-something-year-old man/woman when you’re only in your twenties is fast becoming the new normal.

Anyway, here are four everyday habits you need to let go of to have a fresh, healthy and glowing skin.

1. Sleeping on your face

everyday habitsNot only is it necessary to get the right amount of sleep daily, but it’s also important to sleep right.

According to Purvisha Patel, M.D., board-certified dermatologist and founder of Visha Skincare, “Gravity wins when we sleep on our faces.” This results in swollen eyes and puffy face as a result of gravity pulling the fluid in your face downwards.

Overtime, the effect of this results in an old looking face (aging). So, try sleeping on your sides and be sure to switch sides from time to time to avoid wrinkles and sleep lines on one side of your face.

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2. Not drinking enough water

everyday habits

You’ve probably heard it countless times and you feel you’ve had it with the subject of drinking enough water on a daily basis. Guess what, it can not be overemphasized.

Water is an important factor for skin hydration. Not drinking enough water makes you dehydrated, which takes its toll on the skin by causing dryness and wrinkling of the skin. “When you are dehydrated, skin loses turgor and bounce,” says Patel.

3. You don’t take in enough veggies or fruits

everyday habits
and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are known to contain an adequate amount of antioxidants, which is essential for fighting free radicals which can cause wreak havoc on your body and skin, damaging cells that can lead to cancer and also make you look older.

However, just because you swallowed a big bowl of salad on Sunday evening doesn’t mean you’ve got enough antioxidant to last you all week long because antioxidants only last a few hours in the body. Therefore, therĂ©’s a need for constant replenishment.

4. Using excess skin care products

everyday habits

Using different kinds of skincare products for your skin all at once can actually cause skin irritation, inflammation, wrinkles and several other skin diseases which eventually leads to early aging.

For instance, Products that contain retinol are used to prevent wrinkles, and when mixed with products with benzoyl peroxide to fight acne, it can make your skin dry and increase skin irritation.

So, always stick to one product at a time.

5. Not washing your face

everyday habits

Washing your face before bedtime helps remove dirt, makeup, sweat and impurities clogged to the pores of your skin which can cause skin breakout.

Ensure you either take a bath at the end of the day or at least, wash your face for a healthy skin.

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