Tips to Eating Healthy during pregnancy

I’d probably be the umpteenth person to tell you congratulations, especially if you are first timer. I would say it still. Congratulations! Even if this isn’t your first pregnancy, it is always a different experience. To stay healthy during pregnancy, you need to eat healthy foods during the pregnancy. A lot of complications emerge from eat unhealthy foods during pregnancy. One thing that seems so difficult during pregnancy is healthy eating. This is because of the varying of hormones and the cravings that are mostly out of our control. We would shortly look at some tips to eating healthy during pregnancy.

Tips to Eating Healthy during pregnancy

Fight the temptation to skip breakfast.
Breakfast is an extremely important meal of the day even for one who is pregnant. But because of the morning sickness and nausea that happens so often, you might be tempted to skip breakfast all together. Instead of skipping breakfast, opt for ready-to-eat, healthy breakfast that wouldn’t require you dealing so much with the preparation. You can also eat it in bits, just never skip it altogether.

Take your pre-natal meds religiously. They help both you and the baby through it all. Iron and Folic acid are very common ones.

Get enough fluids especially water.
This is to prevent dehydration. One major dehydration issues that affects most pregnant women is constipation. To prevent it and other complexities that come from dehydration, get at least eight glasses of water every day.

Curb your cravings and snack healthily.
Find healthy replacements for your cravings if they are unhealthy. Take more low-fat snacks, fruits and veggies.

Totally cut out the caffeine, alcohol and cigars.
These are unhealthy for you in pregnancy and risky for your baby. It may hinder proper formation of the baby. Alcohol especially is known to be a major cause of irreversible defects in newborns. Stay away from these especially during the pregnancy.

So momma-to-be, as you continue on this exciting journey, keep these tips handy and lessen your trips to doctor.