Hey! Have you ever wondered why people around you hardly fall sick? I got you thinking right? I’m so sure I did. There are certain times like that when it seems like everyone around is battling with either cough, flu, cold or some other disease and then here comes these set of super humans. They look healthy and strong, unaffected by the prevailing ailment(s). What makes them special? Why do they get to stay healthy while you fall sick? What could be their secret(s)? Well, look no further. Here are they:

FIRST SECRET: Never get to fall sick people discipline themselves by improving their body immunity. They take a lot of diets and substances rich in vitamin C, four times a day. If they can do this, then you can too.

SECOND SECRET: They get 7-10 hours of sleep every night. As we all know, taking enough sleep is essential for a stronger immune system. If they can do this, trust me, you can do better.

THIRD SECRET: They’ve learnt how to effectively manage stress in a healthy way, as they’ve mastered the art of visualizations, daily meditation, and words of affirmation to control stressors. You also can imbibe that lifestyle.

FOURTH SECRET: They keep their hands free from germs most times by using antibacterial cleansers or hand sanitizers, they are aware that each time their eyes or face itches them, they know it’s that same hand they’ll use to scratch that face, so they keep those hands clean, they know their hands convey loads of bacterial due to daily activities, so they keep it clean regular to avoid getting germs.

FIFTH SECRET: These “superhumans” get involved in regular bodily exercise which protects them from respiratory tract diseases and infections. They act like gym rats, which is another top secret of why they hardly fall sick even if every other person is falling sick.

SIXTH SECRET: They know when to shut down their body system at one point in time, they can easily detect when their body is acting up and they quickly adjust themselves by avoiding working maybe late at night, trash out junks and unhealthy lifestyles.

Do you have any other secret you feel like sharing with me? Please feel free to make your comments in the comment box below.