Top 10 Useful Health Hacks You Need To Know

Staying healthy sounds cool, but it doesn’t always come easy. We live in a very busy world where everything goes fast. There are some days when life seems to go by at the speed of light. Work, school, family, friends and other countless priorities tend to take precedence over your most valuable asset – your health. The truth remains that, unless you’re healthy, you may not be able to participate fully in your life, as one of the major criteria for good life is good health. In the kind of world we live in, it could seem very difficult to achieve optimum health with our ever busy schedule. However, there are certain health hacks that could ease the stress and help you achieve these.

Health hacks

These 10 quick and simple health hacks can lead to long-term health and well-being. Believe me, you may start reaping its benefits within weeks!

Need to exercise but you have a busy schedule? Take short walks instead of using your car or taking a bus, climb the stairs instead of using the elevator. This way, your body gets to engage in physical activities or exercise which are beneficial to your health.

Carry a water bottle. Most individuals often walk around in a constant state of dehydration. The best way to boost your overall health is to drink water, as this keeps you very much alive. Drinking water can reduce colon and bladder cancer, increase energy, give skin a healthier appearance and reduce headaches. On this note, your water bottle should be your holy grail.

health hacks

Take stretch breaks twice every hour will working. Stretching helps your body overcome fatigue and improves your mood. Try stretching your quadratus lumbar muscle ( the muscle at the back, near the sides), to prevent back pain.

Write a gratuity list. This is a quick and simple mental health overhaul. Take few minutes to write down five things you are grateful for each day—a good lunch at the office, a well-received idea, an appraisal, the fact that your boss is on vacation, and the likes. Having a sense of gratitude can help deter anxiety and depression. It can also help you turn a bad day around.

Reduce your alcohol intake. Swapping out a couple drinks for a water will reduce your risk of multiple types of cancers, ward off weight gain and keep your liver functioning at a healthy level. There is a good chance that your mental health will benefit as well.


health hacks

Remember your multi vitamin. For every individual, there is a probability that he/she is deficient in a nutrient or two, as most individuals do not pay much attention to how balanced their diets are. Having a multivitamin to go with your morning meal can give your body the support it needs. Incorporate this into your daily routine and see what a simple multivitamin can do for overall health.

Always keep a snack around. A bunch of banana, granola bar or almonds in your lunch bag each day could mean so much when it comes to snacking. Having a healthy snack available could provide so much health benefits. This will drastically reduce the drive-thru excursions and poor food choices at the convenience store. Having a vitamin-packed option for when hunger strikes will reduce the number of chocolate bars you consume, and your body would have you to thank for this.

Workout with a fitness partner. A fitness partner provides you with healthy competition, makes you enjoy your workout and improves your workout safety.

Incorporate vegetables into your diet for optimum health. Boil a small portion of healthy veggies and add it to your meal to keep your body healthy. Asides from the delicious taste which they add to your meal, they also possess so many health benefits which could only be reaped by consuming them.

health hacks

Having a hard time falling asleep? Blink your eyes for a minute while laying on your bed. It will make your eyes tired and you will fall asleep. Also try to do away with the lights from phones, tablets, and other devices. Your cell phone, tablet, and computer are not your nighttime friends. These devices emit light that reduces your melatonin production. Melatonin is the chemical that signals your body that it’s time to sleep.

Reclaiming optimum health doesn’t have to be that stressful. Little changes (of these health hacks) in your daily activity can lead to substantial changes in your immediate and long-term health. In order to reap these benefits, patience and consistency are the keys.

What health hacks have you done? We’d love to know! Please comment below to let us know what you’re doing and how you’re benefiting.

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