Truth or myth, it’s “Onions” O’clock!

Onions are known to add flavour to different delicacies. But asides this, they have very impressive health benefits. See what you know about this lovely veggie.

Onions, it's Onions O'clock!


#1. 1. Onions are great sedatives and can improve sleep

#2. 2. They can increase sperm count and help male infertility

#3. 3. Consuming onions with an underlying heart burn, can help alleviate it, especially at night

#4. 4.if you consume too many onions, you may develop gastrointestinal discomfort

#5. 5.Onions have great antioxidant properties. Hence they can fight infections

#6. 6. Onions that have black spots, soft and sprouting may be the fresher onions to add to your foods.


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