Unbelievable But True Secrets To Losing Weight

Weight loss seems to be an endless battle when nothing ever gives you the results you are looking for. While there is no exact formula for weight loss that works for everyone, there are many secrets to losing weight that does seem to consistently work, and luckily, you don’t have to starve yourself for it.

Exercise, sleep, go on a diet, drink more water – c’mon!!!, don’t we all know all that by heart? This is why I have brought you a set of TOTALLY NEW weight loss tips that are all research-backed, rather unbelievable, but sure to work!

Unbelievable secrets to losing weight: 


  1.   Build Up Energy

Instead of excessive dieting or exercise, one secret to weight loss is to build up your energy so that you can better take care of yourself. This sounds like common sense, but too many people neglect their own health thinking that they don’t have enough time for themselves (or shouldn’t, because that would be too selfish), while buying into the lie that not eating is how you are going to feel better about your weight.

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2.   Sleep More

secrets to losing weight

Here’s one of the many secrets to losing weight. Some people pride themselves on their ability to live off of little sleep, but this isn’t going to help you have enough energy to do your best, and certainly won’t help you to lose weight. Studies show that getting enough sleep actually helps you lose weight, one reason being that you have more energy to make healthy decisions every day. With that increased energy and stamina you get from sleeping, you are not as prone to lounge on the couch after a long day. So, yes, you have full permission to sleep!

3.   Laugh More Often

secrets to losing weight

Try laughing away even if you don’t find the joke or punch line funny. A minimum of 15 minutes of laughter daily will contract your abdominal muscles, build them up, and shape your six-pack. Wow!

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4.   Use the smallest plates


A full, albeit small, plate can be very appetising and still keep your weight in check. You will eat less with smaller bowls and plates. So try down-sizing your plate, and your stomach will follow suit!

5.   Watch Less TV

There’s a reason they call TV addicts couch potatoes! You tend to burn more calories per day if you spend less time watching TV. You automatically feel more inclined to get some physical activity happening!

6.   Incorporate Olive Oil Inbetween Meals

According to the author Seth Roberts in The Shangri-La Diet, you can lose pounds by drinking 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil between meals twice daily. This diet can curb your appetite and lower your body’s weight dramatically. Sounds really crazy, right? But it has been proven to work!

7.   Sleep in a cold room


A chilly bedroom could improve both your sleep and your metabolism. Sleeping in a chillier room is a great way to force your body to burn calories and heat itself up for hours. The next bedtime, keep that AC temperature down and snuggle up.

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8.   Eat In Silence

Avoid eating in a noisy environment. It will make you overeat as you tend to eat faster. A silent place ensures that your brain is not distracted and easily knows when you are full.

9.   Eat Slowly

secrets to losing weight

This French technique asks you to not rush your meals. Slow eating will help you feel fuller longer and it will also cut down the amount consumed. While this can be difficult for moms, at least allow yourself to chew your food instead of gulping it all down!


Having known these secrets to losing weight, why don’t you incorporate them into your daily habits and share with us your experience.