Want to look younger than your age? Try this

“You look younger than your actual age,” is one compliment a good number of people will pick over “you look way older than your age.”

Aging (and looking older with time) is definitely a compulsory life process that we are all bound to go through but then, we definitely aren’t looking forward to looking old with wrinkled face and body when we aren’t even close to (say) a hundred years, as a matter of fact, we look forward to looking younger while we comfortably ascend the lather of age.

As much as we’d love to develop some sort of super powers or mix up some sort of chemical that can actually eliminate aging just so we look younger as our years pass by, it’s definitely impossible. We can, however, slow the rate at which we age while we glow and look as fresh as we want. So, even if we can’t stop the clock, we can at least, slow the hands of time.

Literally, for your skin to remain fresh and look young, the body basically needs to be hydrated all day long. So, from taking in a lot of water to moisturizing your skin and also taking in lots of fruits, here are some healthy tips to help you retain your charm and look younger than your age.

1. Always stay hydrated

look younger
Water keeps your skin hydrated all day long leaving you refreshed and giving you a healthy skin

Drinking a lot of water throughout the day is a good way to keep your skin moist and healthy.
Hydrating will not only keep you healthy inside but look healthy on the outside and feel good as well.
Make it a habit to drink water as often as possible (not only during meals).

2. Use moisturizers

look younger
Dry skin ages more quickly so it is absolutely important to give your skin moisturizer boost, that way it will automatically take care of itself by itself.
Use moisturizer that are high in anti-aging property or you can also use body oils like coconut oil.
According to an International Journal of Dermatology study, using virgin coconut oil every day for seven weeks boosts skin hydration by 32 percent.

3. Take a lot of fruits

look younger
Fruits help you to remain hydrated which is essential for a glowing, fresh and healthy skin

Fruits like cucumber, watermelon, oranges and the like will definitely leave you hydrated all day long which is what your body requires for a healthy and fresh growth.

4. Always wash your face or use a facial cleanser at night

look younger
Wash your face and wipe with facial cleanser

Cleaning your face helps to remove traces of chemicals which you’ve been exposed to from your environment or any makeup which can cause aging (if left on the skin).
However, stay away from harsh products which can dry up the skin and cause rapid aging.

Using these tips consistently will definitely have you looking fresh and young as the day goes.

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