Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer You Should Never Ignore.

Breast cancer is alarmingly becoming one of the commonest diseases around. Sadly, a lot of people are dying from it. A lot of times, if detected early, it would not have led to death. Most signs of breast cancer don’t come unnoticed, they are mostly obvious and they shouldn’t be overlooked. It is not all the time that they are a cause for alarm, still they should always be checked out.

You should go for immediate examination if you notice any of these signs of breast cancer:

1. A lump in your breast, especially if it is hard and irregular in shape. Whatever the form that the lump takes, if it does last till your next period, immediately consult with a doctor.
2. Any change in shape or size and discoloration. You should be familiar with how your breasts look as you grow older. Do see a doctor if you notice any unusual change. Any rash on the breast should also be something you should watch out for, especially if it is accompanied by swelling.
signs of breast cancer 3. Nipple discharge. Any nipple discharge when you are not breastfeeding calls for concern. Even when breastfeeding, any unusually colored discharged, like red or yellow also calls for concern.
4. Inward turning or retraction of your nipples. Although during pregnancy, changes in size and shape of the nipple is normal. Anything other than that may be a sign or breast cancer or an infection.
5. Pain. Breast pain is really common among the several signs of breast cancer. This could be due to your menstrual cycle or use of birth control pills. Still, when it is longer than two weeks, please see the doctor.

Like I said earlier, these signs are not clear, sure sign of breast cancer. Meaning that sometimes, it might not that they have breast cancer; it might be an infection or just hormonal imbalance. It is important you check regardless.