World Aids Day: rock the red ribbon

World Aids Day is that one day set aside every year to show support for those living with HIV. It is also a day to remember those that have succumbed to this virulent disease.

This day was started in 1988 and it was the first established global health day. Each year, a theme relating to HIV is chosen and then talked about on the global stage.

This year has already been occupied by another pandemic level disease- Covid-19. And we are reminded more than ever that our health is probably the most important aspect of our lives. Its effect is felt everywhere, and it is all the more important to come together and create a healthy environment for all.

UN Secretariat
UN Secretariat building with the red AIDS Ribbon projected on (source:

This is perfectly shown in the theme of this year’s World Aids Day: Global Solidarity, shared responsibility. Many international organisations are rallying behind this worldwide effort this year and are calling for a collaborative effort from all of us.

The role of countries

Countries are being asked to make more investment in health infrastructure so as to handle any pandemic size health event. They should also keep striving towards totally eliminating HIV/AIDS by setting achievable and realistic goals.

Nigeria is also a necessary cog in this machinery. As the largest country in Africa, Nigeria is dealing with a lot of HIV cases. According to UNAIDS, there were 1,900,000 people living with HIV as of 2018 while 53,000 people died from AIDS-related illnesses.

Our role as individuals

World Aids Day
Wear the Red Ribbon

We are also not left out, as individuals. Do your own part in this fight, however small and unimportant it might seem. Do not stigmatise carriers of the virus, and do not be a spreader of the virus yourself.

Educate anyone around you about HIV and how it is not necessarily a death sentence. Try to keep your own house and community educated, your little bit counts if everyone else does their own little bit. Eventually, we will be able to see an end in sight.

Join the conversation

You can be a part of the World Aids Day this year. Join the conversation online, wear the red ribbon, use the hashtags. Make a contribution to a worthy AIDS cause, let your voice be heard. We are that one step closer to being rid of this virus

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