World heart day: Can your heart be broken?

Can your heart be broken? what happens when you feel a particularly sharp pain run across your heart? Does your heart really skip a beat? These are interesting questions about the heart that we will be answering in this piece. It is World Heart Day after all.

Can your heart be broken?

Heart break

Okay, so it is a common occurrence for people to say their heart is broken, It has probably happened to you before. Maybe a loved one dies, or you went through a tough break up or divorce. These things happen and your heart literally hurts. The question is, is it possible for your heart to actually be broken?

Yes, it is. Medically, it is known as stress cardiomyopathy or simply broken heart syndrome. This condition can occur in cases of deep emotional trauma. What happens is that there is sudden chest pain.

This happens when a part of your heart becomes enlarged and refuses to pump well. Other parts still keep pumping, sometimes at an even increased power. This presents like you are having a heart attack. And it can indeed have serious consequences like short-term heart muscle failure. It is treatable though, and not likely to reoccur.

Sharp pain across the heart? What causes it?

Okay, it is not every time you experience a sharp, stabbing pain across the heart that it means a heart attack. Sometimes, it can be a symptom of pericarditis. It usually gets worse if you lie down and generally happens after a viral infection like sore throat.

It is easily treatable though, just make sure to visit your doctor. The chest pain could also be a heartburn, caused by stomach acid moving up from the stomach.

Another cause could also be severe anxiety attacks. This can also happen when you are emotionally stressed. Angina also causes sharp chest pains, it happens when blood flow to the heart muscles get blocked. Bottom line is that not all sharp pains in your heart are serious. But they should be checked out all the same.

Your heart skips a beat, romantic or nah?

Well, regardless of what you might read in a romance book, your heart skipping a beat may not be a good thing. It might feel good for Eduardo when he sees Consuela for the first time. But healthwise, you do not want your heart to skip regularly.

Now it is normal for the heart to skip or flutter every once in a while. But when it becomes constant, then it might point to a serious heart defect like Atrial Fibrillation. So, if this is something that happens often, it might not be your sweetheart making your heart go gbish gbish, see your doctor.

World Heart Day

World Heart Day
World Heart Day (source: World Heart Federation)

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the foremost cause of death worldwide, according to the World Heart Federation. So you can see how important taking care of your heart is. World Heart Day is a day set aside for this important body organ.

This day is all about drawing attention to heart diseases and helping them make better health choices for their hearts. The first World Heart Day happened in the year 2000.

This World Heart Day aims to draw people’s attention to cardiovascular diseases. And also how they can take care of their hearts during this pandemic. Make sure to use ❤️️  to beat 💔.

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