10 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight!

While growing up, I remember one of the aunties that groomed me telling me how that I love sleep and how that if I am not careful, when I am fifty years old, I would have slept for twenty five years! That scared me, realizing that I would have slept half of my lifetime by that age. Now, I would give so much just to have the free time I had on my hands as a child. I may not sleep that much but it may be close to that.

After all, statistics tell us that an average person spends more than a third of his/her entire life sleeping. Sleep is very essential to man. It is a way the body refreshes and restores itself. So, I think that sleeping isn’t a time wasting event as some very serious people think. In fact, it is a needed activity. Only, it should not be in excess.

sleep better

From lack of concentration during the day, fatigue, and stress to the long term effect of obesity and depression, the effects of not having enough sleep can have negative effects on both our productivity and how we look.

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  1. No baby naps during the day. Now while, mid-afternoon (sometime before 4 pm) guarantees a good night rest, napping two, three or more hours during the day messes with your sleep cycle, disrupting it and leaves you waking up at intervals. So to sleep better, 30 to 20 minutes is just fine.
  2. Go on a belly break just before. Late night dinner is one sure way not to sleep well. Have your last meal of the day three hours before bedtime. This is so that your body doesn’t end up doing digestion when it should be resting.
  3. Unwind! Journal, talk to your partner, just unwind. It is psychological. Talking about or writing down your outstanding thoughts, activities helps reduce the stress and anxiety and allows you sleep better. So tonight, unwind!
    sleep better
  4. Aim for at least seven hours. Did you just decide you’d try this another time? I hope you didn’t. Sincerely, no matter how busy your schedule is, your body needs at least seven hours of sleep daily. Failing to do this is the end leaves your body trying to catch up during the day. Anything between seven and eights hours consistently would lead to better sleep.
  5. Create a cool, comfortable and dim-lighted environment. You might have to re-position your mattress or even change it. You might also get thick curtains to block out light, turn your face away from the windows too if possible. Ensure the rooms are well-ventilated. Also check that the room temperature isn’t too high or too low. All of these adjustments would ensure for a smooth sleep.
  6. A warm bath before bed.
    The gradual fall in body temperature helps induces sleepiness. So have a warm bath about 90 minutes before going to bed to help you sleep better.
  7. You might also want to review your nightwear. Ensure you don’t fall asleep in your jeans or pants with belts on… If you aren’t comfy sleeping undressed, dress as lightly and loosely as possible.
  8. Allow your gadgets sleep too.
    Put down your phone. Seriously, put it down. Not for the phone’s sake, for yours. The emails and other messages popping in, the light are just the perfect combo for a not-so-smooth night.
  9. You can also have slow-paced music to soothe you to sleep. It works!

    sleep better
    Remember. bedroom activities only!
  10. Finally, only bedroom activities are allowed in the bedroom tonight.
    Last time I checked, I don’t remember seeing office work or budget sharing on the list of things to in the bedroom. Sleep and sex ranked top on the list. The latter is one sure way to zone you off and ensure sweet dreams in that zone.

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Enjoy your sleep tonight…