4 Major Warning Signs That You Drink Way Too Much Alcohol

People see the consumption of alcohol in different lights. Some take it as form or relaxation; some as medicine, while some others take it take it to the extreme by abusing it. A lot of people don’t know when they slip into that state of addiction or becoming an alcoholic. When it comes to this, it becomes difficult to tell the difference between when it is just fine and when it is too much. At this stage, continuous consumption can lead to alcohol dependence. Asides the addiction of a sort that follows, the problems associated with over drinking begins to lace the daily activities the fellow.

After reading these signs of addiction, if you find yourself guilty, you need to calm down on alcohol and exercise great caution.

Warning Signs of Addiction to Alcohol.

  • Drinking in dangerous situations.
    Drinking when you it is unsafe and illogical for you to do so is a clear warning sign of alcohol dependence. For instance, drinking while driving or just before resuming work means you exalt alcohol above your safety and that is definitely not a good sign.
  • Increased tolerance.
    That is, being able to drink more than you used to or you need to drink more before you get drunk, it is a sign that your body is adapting to having a lot of alcohol in the system and you are fast becoming an alcoholic.
  • Alcohol is your first go to option for relaxation.
    Most people struggling with alcoholism have it as their first option when relaxing or dealing with emotional issues. Using alcohol as a form of relief always is a warning sign. In the end, the relief that comes from it is only temporary and before long you go back to feeling the same way, so if you find that you always have to rely on alcohol to relax, you may just have to slow down on the drinking.
  • Inability to leave the bar.
    When you are trying to quit drinking and you are unable to do so or you find it extremely difficult, then you might consider getting help. It is a sign that you have gone too far on the alcoholics’ route.

If these signs are evident and maybe you even find yourself in a state of denial, then you urgently need to get help else it can get worse and the results and repercussions are never nice.