Lifehack: 5+ Beauty Products Hiding in Your Kitchen

Beauty products and cosmetics are often money and time consuming. But aside for the financial aspect of beauty products and routines, there is often the fear of using harmful chemical products. These chemicals eventually cause even more problems or skin damage. Beauty Products made with natural ingredients are often much more expensive and difficult to get.

In the rush for pretty skin, many people, especially females are of the opinion that they have to dish out thousands on beauty products. This is so false, since the safest most effective beauty products can be obtained from your fridge or pantry. These paraben free, non-carcinogenic, unprocessed everyday food items might not bring radical changes overnight. But with persistence and patience you get the desired skin you want from your beauty products, and all natural.

8 Beauty Products Ingredients in Your Kitchen

So, here are some of the products that can save your skin and your money from going bad. Try a combination of these products in masks and pastes to get fresh lovely skin.

  1. Honey:
    Honey for skin
    Honeycombs with spoon

    Natural moisturizer, anti-oxidant and humectant, what exactly can’t you do with honey? Use as a moisturizer in your masks and even combine with oils for some skin conditioning.

  2. Tomatoes
    Tomatoes are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that invigorate the skin.
    Red juicy goodness

    Rich in vitamin C, tomatoes rank high on the beauty product list for your skin. Tomatoes not only brighten the skin, but also have sun protection properties and help rejuvenate the skin while reducing cell damage. Tomatoes help to tighten the pore and is a perfect astringent.

  3. Wheat
    Whole organic wheat flour as a natural beauty product
    Essential Facial scrub commodity

    When combined with some honey and olive oil, wheat is one of the healthiest most effective facial masks ever. Selenium is a chief component of wheat that makes it quite nourishing for the skin. But remember, only whole, unprocessed wheat powder can give maximum benefits. Wheat has skin brightening properties, protects against sun-damage and helps to retain elasticity. That’s one cheap beauty product to hold on to.                   ALSO READ: 7 AMAZING SKINCARE BENEFITS OF ACTIVATED CHARCOAL

  4. Cucumber
    Cucumber helps replenish skin-cells
    Skin supplement

    This vegetable is made up mostly of water. With the water and silica content, it’s great for invigorating the skin and rejuvenating dry skin. Cucumber with all its mildness will help get rid of dark circles around the eyes and wrinkles in the skin.

  5. MilkRelated image

    For moisturizing, cleansing, healing and toning, milk is a great skin product. If you are looking to get baby fresh skin and get rid of scaly dry skin, dark pigmentation and acne scars, milk is it. Do you want to exfoliate your skin, or treat sun-damaged skin? Try milk.

  6. Lemon
    Lemons and lemon juice
    Still life with lemon juice and sliced lemons

    Lemon is one heck of an essential beauty product. As a clarifying agent, to tone discolored skin to even tone, and even for treating acne, you can’t go wrong with lemon in your kitchen. Lemon and rose water can be used as a skin cleanser or astringent as well as lemon and tea-tree oil in water. The citric acid (vitamin C) component will help brighten the skin and reduce appearance of black spots.

  7. Turmeric:
    Skin benefits of turmeric
    Not only for curries

    The goodness of turmeric cannot be over-emphasized. The richness of curcumin and its antioxidant properties are not limited to analgesics alone. Turmeric’s antioxidant properties help to get rid of inflammation in the skin and enhance beautiful and smooth skin. A mask of honey, turmeric and lemon will help you get rid of acne and even your skin tone when used daily. As long as you can resist the temptation of licking your face.

  8. Water
    Heal all with water

    70% of the earth and in fact about 60% of the human body is made up of various combinations of water. Good hair, good skin, good nails can be realized with adequate intake of water. Even if you want to exercise, water fuels your muscles to efficiently burn energy. Your skin also requires lots of water to stay healthy and elastic. Dehydration is what causes cracked lips, wrinkly skin and dry scaly appearance on the skin. Water might be the last on our list but it’s definitely the most important.


So, which of these beauty secrets do you have in your kitchen? Get started and save yourself a ton of money and from absorbing harsh chemicals on your skin. What other natural beauty products do you know about? Please feel free to share your natural beauty products with us.