5 healthy homemade drinks and snacks under ₦500

Who says making healthy homemade drinks and snacks has to be expensive? Well, generally, healthy drinks and food cost quite a bit more than calorie-filled ones. But it does not have to be like that all the time.

We are blessed in this part of the world with a variety of food and fruits. Many of which can make healthy and cheap snacks if we pay attention. You are about to learn some nifty kitchen tricks. Let’s dive in then.

1.Banana Bread

Healthy Snacks
Banana Bread

This is one snack that you can make on a lazy day with only a few ingredients. A couple of pieces of ripe bananas, a cup of flour, 4 eggs, 1-2 cups of milk, and some salt, baking soda, sugar, and yeast. You might have to be very careful with what you buy and the quantity, but you should be able to keep this recipe under ₦500.

Now, there has been some debate about if this yummy bread qualifies as a healthy snack. This is mostly because the bread contains sugar, calories, and saturated fat. As it turns out, there a few changes that you can make to the basic recipe to make it healthier.

You can substitute sugar with honey (although the banana that is used as the base is already sweet). You can also use whole wheat flour instead of white flour (although this might make it cost a bit more). Finally, you can substitute butter with some olive oil. You could also add turmeric, the wonder spice to it. It will give it a beautiful yellow color while also keeping it healthy.

2.Zobo drink

Hibiscus Tea
Hibiscus tea (Zobo)

Okay, every self-respecting Nigerian should know what this drink is. It is a common drink in most Nigerian households, and it comes chock full of health benefits. What’s more, it is very cheap and easy to make.

To make this healthy drink, the main ingredient is the dried hibiscus flower leaves (zobo leaves). You can then add ginger, fruits like pineapple and citrus, depending on your taste.

You only need to boil the leaves in excess water (depending on how concentrated you want it to be). Sieve out the leaves and add any extra fruit or flavor that you want to add. voila! you have your cheap, healthy zobo drink, and all below ₦500 too!

3.Tiger nut Drink

Tigernut Juice
Tigernut Juice (Credit: allnigerianfoods.com)

This is another staple Nigerian drink that has gained popularity in the past few years. This drink is notoriously known to be a potent aphrodisiac. You can understand now why it flies off the refrigerator shelves of many a drink store.

Another reason for its popularity is how easy it is to make. It is quite cheap too, you can definitely make a cup (probably even several cups) of this drink for less than ₦500.

You can buy the tiger nut fruit from most roadside fruit vendors. If you get the dried fruit, you can hydrate it overnight before grinding it. You can then add some water and sieve away the chaff. The milky liquid that is remaining is your healthy libido-boosting drink.


Healthy snacks

Who doesn’t like pancakes? Well, if you don’t, there is just one question for you- who wronged you? Haha, seriously though, they are one of the most amazing snacks that you can have.

But you have to be careful, pancakes can be quite unhealthy. Especially if you eat it in the traditional way, with generous drizzles of maple syrup. But you can make it a healthy snack if you make it at home from scratch.

Typically pancakes are made from eggs, flour, evaporated milk, sugar, and vegetable oil. You can check out a cool recipe for coconut pancakes here. To make it healthier, swap the white flour with whole wheat flour. Then for toppings, you can add a variety of fruits and nuts to round up the nutrients. You can also substitute honey for maple syrup.

5.Plantain chips

Healthy snacks
Plantain Chips

This one only needs a few pieces of plantain and some oil. It is cheap, and very simple to make. As with many of the snacks on this list, it is always better to make it at home instead of buying packaged ones.

It might not be so healthy though, because of the oil that is used to fry it and salt that is used to season it. But you can make yours healthier by baking instead of frying and using a small quantity of salt.

Healthy and cheap, that’s the way to go

You have gone through this list and you probably recognized all the items on it. They are not new snacks, but there are a couple of new ways that they can be made that probably never occurred to you.

You should choose the healthy snacks you want to have this week, take your 500 naira out, and go get it! Oh, and enjoy it!

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