5+1 Healthy Things You Can Enjoy in Nigeria As We Celebrate 58 Years of Independence

As a Nigerian, with the ongoing happenings in the country, one would almost not have anything to be grateful for. However, amidst the toils of the nation, paying attention closely, there could be few things to be thankful for as we marked 58 Years of Independence. Nigeria as a country is filled with good things and also offers so many possibilities for you. However, these opportunities are not offered to you on a platter of gold.

For every individual, it has been proven that your environment plays a major role in your physical, social and mental health. Naija on its own has earlier been known as a country where you can find all sorts of individuals; the lawbreaking, law-abiding citizen, fearless, fearful, mentally stable, unstable, and what have you?


As a Nigerian, you’ll definitely find it hard to agree with me that living a healthy life could be less difficult in Nigeria. However, taking a look at the list below would make you see some wonderful options of healthy things you really can enjoy in Nigeria.

6 Healthy Things You Can Enjoy In Nigeria

1.   Leisure Parks

One healthy provision that has been made by some states in Nigeria is the number of leisure parks available. Lagos, Calabar, Abuja, and the likes are some of the cities where parks have been made available for residents to enjoy the comfort of their leisure. However, due to our daily hustle, we really don’t have time to enjoy the luxury of these parks.

Some parks, on the other hand, have been converted to homes for thugs and homeless individuals.

Unlike vehicle-dependent environments that foster obesity, poor health, and social isolation, leisure parks provide you with so many health benefits. Passive leisure activities in parks like reading and contemplation improve mood, reduce stress and enhance a sense of wellness.

2.   Healthy Meals

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There are so many things that can’t be guaranteed in Nigeria, but when it comes to the luxury of quality healthy meals, Nigerians can really boast of this.

One thing you also need to know is that there is more to Nigerian cuisine than Jollof rice. Thanks to a growing agricultural sector, there’s a whole host of delicious dishes to try in Nigeria, and in such a diverse country it’s only natural that our dishes are just as diverse, too.


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Eating healthy has a lot of benefits, as it provides you with the energy needed to go about your daily task. Eating healthy has also been known to promote heart health, eyesight, strong bones and teeth, and manage weight control among others

However, know that there are so many places and kinds of foods unfit for you to eat.

3.   Gym Centers

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Like leisure parks, gym centers are been made available in major cities across the country. If you pay attention while going about your daily activities, you’ll notice the wide range of available gym centers in your surroundings. For a fitness inspired individual, you could easily get confused as at which gym center to use.

Exercising in Nigeria could be one of the most difficult tasks to engage in due to time, convenience, and cost.

Naija provides its citizens with available gym centers to provide fitness and other health benefits but takes their time away. However, proper planning does the trick. We all know the benefits of exercising.

4.   Fitness

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Amidst every bad thing the country brings to our table, it provides us with the opportunity to get fit with every activity.  An unfit individual won’t last long in naija as you just have to be fit to keep moving and stay relevant.

The daily activities of an average Nigerian makes it possible for such individual to remain fit. The amount of time you spend queuing or hustling for bus, the struggles to get things done, unavoidable treks and the likes. The average Nigerian hustle generally entails fitness, all we need do it to maximize them.

5.  Social Media Interactions

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Despite our busy schedules and engaging tasks, most Nigerians find time for social media interactions. Nigerians unite as one big family on all social media platforms and this indeed plays a major role in our health.

It has come to light that using social media on a very regular basis is actually good for the health of the people who are doing the indulging. This conclusion is based on scientific facts and the body goes through some positive and beneficial changes as a result of using social media.

6.  Tourism

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Nigeria isn’t all bad roads and stressed filled environs, it’s also home to incredible national parks that stretch on for miles and are home to beautiful waterfalls, lakes, mountains, ancient structures, and more wildlife than you can look at.

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