7 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Losing weight can be a lot of tasks.

And if losing weight is something you’ve probably been struggling with for a pretty long time, then the last thing you want to hear is compliments that state otherwise neither would you want to find yourself still struggling to fit yourself into one of your old piece of clothing.

However, nothing seems frustrating as much as a situation where every possible solution/remedy you’ve employed to help you in losing weight seems to be futile and abortive.

The truth, however, is that even if you’re trying to lose weight the healthiest way possible (without the options of pills, teas and the likes), certain things can deny you the joy of weight loss.

Here are 7 shocking reasons you might not be losing weight.

1. You’re consuming excess calories

losing weight

The first thing to look out for as far weight loss is concerned is the number of calories you consume daily. And if weight loss plan isn’t working, then your daily calorie intake is indeed questionable.

Studies have shown (times without number) that excess calorie intake is responsible for weight gain.

2. You’re not eating enough protein

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When it comes to weight loss and protein, they are best of friends.

Eating about 25-30% protein per day can increase/boost your metabolism to about 80-100 calories per day, helping you reduce the hunger hormone and boost several satiety hormones and making you consume fewer extra calories all day long.

A high protein intake also helps prevent metabolic slowdown, a common side effect of losing weight. It also helps to prevent weight regain.

3. You’re binge eating

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Binge eating (even on healthy meals) involves eating (hastily) a large amount of food than what your body actually requires.

While some binge on junks, others do so on relatively healthy meals like nuts, dark chocolates, and the likes.

Although, these snacks are relatively healthy, taking them in excess, however, increases your daily calorie intake, which eventually leads to weight gain.

4. You’re still consuming sugary drinks

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We often ignore the calories in our drinks as our brains do not count it as a part of our calorie intake (which means we ought to consume fewer food items as we have increased ur calorie intake via drinking).

5. You’re not losing weight because you’re not drinking enough water


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Drinking water has also been shown to boost the number of calories burned by 24-30% over a period of 1.5 hours.

Besides, drinking water before a meal can help with portion control as it will cause you to eat less.

6. You’re not controlling your portion

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As earlier said, not only is the quality of your food important in losing weight but the quantity as well.

When it comes to portion control, learn how to respect your body’s wish and listen to the “I’m full” signal in order to let go of the spoon or fork.

7. You haven’t heard of MyPerfectWeight App

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The MyPerfectWeight app is an app created to help you with your weight issues (weight loss or weight gain) using Nigerian foods.

The app is designed to help individuals lose weight based on the number of calories the body requires.

To save yourself all the weight lose stress, try using MyPerfectWeight app.

Kehinde Omotosho is a content writer at healthfacts.ng who enjoys the punching sounds of the keyboard when conjuring words together to make a full entity. When she is not typing, she's examining a few fashion pieces and playing dress-up. Meeting people and smiling always are a few of her hobbies. For more details, send an email to info@healthfacts.ng


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