7 Warning Signs Of Cancer No one Should Ignore

Next to heart disease is cancer when it comes to the rate of premature death.

Cancer is a disease which causes cell division and destruction of body tissues. Although, it can occur in any part of the body and has no specific sign or symptoms that exclusively identifies the disease, if certain symptoms (even seemingly harmless signs) persists for long, then it is time to visit your doctor.

Some of these warning signs no one should ignore include,


1. Unexplained weight loss

When cancer cells attack your body, your body’s first reaction is likely to be a sudden unexplainable weight loss.

Although weight loss is also attached to other health conditions such as hyperthyroidism, in this case, however, the weight loss is rather sudden.

2. Loss of appetite

Cancer can cause loss of appetite by changing your body’s metabolism. This is most prominent in pancreas, stomach, colon, and ovary.

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3. Unusual lump or swelling on any part of your body

A lump might be a sign of an infection or an early sign of cancer.

Persistent lumps or swelling, however, in any part of your body like in the neck, armpit, stomach, groin, chest, breast or testicle should be taken seriously.

4. Fatigue


Unexplained fatigue or tiredness that persists even after adequate sleep might also be a sign. This tiredness or fatigue may be as a result of blood loss from cancer of the colon, stomach, and co.

5. A persistent cough


Several conditions can lead to a cough. For instance, a cough may be caused by colds, allergies or the flu. But when it comes to lung cancer, the cough can persist for a long time despite remedies and it progresses, it may also lead to coughing blood accompanied by chest pain or hoarseness.

6. Persistent bloating

Bloating, a situation where your belly inflates leaving you quite restless and uncomfortable for a little while can be associated with cancer when it becomes painful and would not relieve you, it could be a sign of ovarian breast, pancreatic, colon, and stomach.

7. Fever


Fever is one of the body’s responses to infection or illness. However, in this case, fever is a sign that it has spread to a new area or that it is affecting the immune system.

Although fever is rarely an early sign of cancer it may be if a person has a blood cancer, such as leukemia or lymphoma.

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