LifeHack: 8 Food Items to Help Lose Belly Fat

Have you been working on your tummy flattening exercises? How much progress have you made so far? We all can acknowledge the absolute stubbornness of that belly fat. Keeping to diets could be really hard and stressful sometimes with a busy schedule. But we can’t fail on the journey to lose belly fat because of a few diet setbacks. This, however, doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate a few helpful food items in our daily lives to help lose belly fat.

With a bit of consistent exercising though, we can get the zip on that favorite black dress to go up. But as we well know, no fat-burning mission to lose belly fat is complete without help from a good diet or healthy meals. In order to win the war against belly and back fat, here are a few food items you don’t want missing from your kitchen.

8 Helpful Food And Drink Items To Lose Belly Fat

  1. Flat Tummy Water
    Infused water to lose belly fat
    Flat Tummy Water for the win

    A whole lot of people can swear by the success of this infused water that helped them lose belly fat. Flat tummy water made the rounds at the inception of the ketogenic diet and was widely acclaimed. The water simply includes clean, filtered or boiled water with lemon juice, a slice of lemon, mint leaves and cucumber. Lemon and cucumber are the active guys here with their fat burning properties. Lemon contains Pectin, Vitamin C and citric acid which help to speed up fat burning in the body. Pectin also helps to keep us feeling fuller for longer. Lemon infused water taken first thing in the morning helps flush out toxins and improve liver function.

  2. Cranberry juice
    Healthy cranberry juice
    Cranberry versus Alcohol

    When next you are shopping for that weekend get together or the birthday bash, why not go easy on the alcohol? A lot of the alcohol we consume end up as unnecessary calories in our mid-section. To lose belly fat faster, switch your alcohol to the much healthier cranberry juice. Cranberry juices are now very common and easily found in most supermarkets. Get the sugar-free version for better health benefits. Cranberry is antioxidant, vitamin C, and mineral rich.

  3. Ginger Tea
    Honey, Lemon and ginger
    Try a cuppa

    Ginger helps to burn fat, regulate blood sugar and makes you feel full. This effectively regulates food consumption in the individual. To make the drink; 2inch ginger, 4 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of Lemon juice and 1-2 teaspoons of honey. Chop or grate ginger into freshly boiled water and after 5minutres add the remaining ingredients.

  4. Green Te

    A cup of green tea
    Some green tea goodness

    This tea is easily gotten in different brands from basically all supermarkets and even neighbourhood merchants. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and caffeine which has mild fat burning properties. Of course, if you load with cream and sugar you’d be losing most of the fat-burning goodness.

  5. Cayenne pepper
    Different ways of taking cayenne pepper
    Ground Dried and fresh cayenne pepper

    Cayenne pepper, locally known as shombo or bawa. This pepper helps burn calories faster. The pepper also makes us feel fuller faster, so eat more shombo peppers and eat less. Cayenne also helps to reduce cravings….what else could we need to reduce over-eating.

  6. Coconut Oil
    Organic, rich, coconut oil
    Healthy coconut oil

    Coconut oil contains amazing fatty acids which are great for our body. Coconut oil also helps to lose abdominal fat and is the best or healthiest fats for frying food.

  7. Cinnamon
    A bit of cinnamon
    Powdered and Whole cinnamon.

    This woody sweet spice helps to speed up our metabolism which in return burns up a lot of the fat we carry about. Cinnamon helps to use up our carbs and even control our appetites. ALSO READ: TRICK TO LOSING WEIGHT WITH NIGERIAN FOOD

  8. Garlic
    A bit of garlic in the morning

    This spice that a lot of people run from because of its very strong smell is probably your best bet to lose belly fat. The stinky garlic helps to suppress appetites and stimulate metabolism if you can manage to chew ¾ clove of garlic every morning. Things we do to lose belly fat right… a glass of lemon water can be used to rinse off the taste though.

How many of these foods have you ever tried to help lose belly fat? There is much more to being fit than one meal or the other. But a combination of good, healthy, organic food and exercise will go a long way.

Which of these will you be trying out or incorporating in your lifestyle? Let’s know about it and work with you….