5+ Amazing Ways to Get Refreshed with Honey Lemon Water


A lot of people are used to taking both honey and lemon in various forms or combinations. But what are the advantages to those who take honey lemon water combination? Why do some people start their day with this drink?

A little bit of background on honey and lemon.

Still life with lemon juice and sliced lemons on wooden table, closeup

The Lemon is perhaps the most celebrated citrus in history. Lemon is taken as a vitamin C and anti-oxidant rich refreshing fruit and often used in cooking. Apart from the boost to the immune system from vitamin C, lemon is often used as an astringent to handle oily skin.


Honey, is an even more common food item. A naturally occurring replacement to sugar, that has relatively lower Glycemic Index. Honey also happens to be a natural humectant; that is it attracts water from the environment. This property makes it quite useful as a moisturizer in skin and hair care.

Benefits of Honey Lemon and Warm Water

  1. It helps in detoxifying the body
    Honey and lemon have a combined antibiotic and immunity boosting power
    Detox with honey lemon water

    Free your body from toxins that create breakouts on your skin and possible constipation even. Every day you come in contact with toxins from the food you eat, the dust, fumes and all that, that cause an imbalance in your body. Neutralize the effect of toxins on your body with a drink of honey lemon water every morning.


  1. DigestionEase digestion with honey and lemon

    The human digestive tract

  2. Your digestive system will be thankful. Honey will help soothe inflammation and lemon helps stomach acid secretion and bile secretions. The combination leads to easy digestion and bowel movement. You may want to try it out for reducing bloating and flatulence.


  1. Refreshes
    Honey, Lemon and ginger
    Try a cuppa

    Tired of caffeine jitters? Why not switch your morning beverage for a glass of lemon juice and honey dissolved in warm water? The refreshing taste of lemon coupled with the goodness of honey gives you a boost of energy. And that’s without any side of caffeine.


  1. Skin
    Beautiful skin starts from within

    As earlier stated, both honey and lemon have great skin-friendly properties. The vitamin c in lemon is great when taken internally or externally on the skin. Its great for healing wounds and to give clear skin. Flush out harmful toxins from your skin while avoiding the drying out effects of ascorbic acid on some skin types. Oil controlling properties of ascorbic acid help to limit skin breakouts from excessive oil.


  1. Throat infectionsTreating throat infections with honey lemon water

    Got a raw throat? If you have never taken honey for a sore throat, you surely must have come across someone who has. A lot of lozenges and menthols come in honey lemon flavors. This is as a result of the amazing and soothing effects of honey and lemon on throat infections. Honeys disinfectant properties help fight the microbes. Lemon also thins the phlegm to make it easier to expel.


  1. Immunity
    White blood cells

    Strengthen your immunity against the flu and allergies with regular drinks of honey lemon water. It tastes great and makes you less susceptible to catching a cold. What’s there not to love in this? Enjoy a combination of lemon’s immunity boosting properties with honey’s anti-bacterial, anti-microbial goodness.


  1. Weight loss

    losing weight

    While not a wonder pill. The honey lemon in water drink can help when taken first thing in the morning. It helps to boost your metabolism and energize you to be more active. This is a great way to stay healthy and fit all day long.

If you want to get some more water in your body but are tired of plain water, this is an amazing So, would you give it a try or naah?