Blood Donation and Transfusion in Nigeria; A brief chat with a medical student

Seeing the need for more enlightenment on the subject of Blood Donation, Transfusion and its challenges in Nigeria, team HealthFacts met with Eze Mary-Cynthia, a medical student in her clinical years for a brief chat on Blood Transfusion.

Can we meet you?

I am Eze Mary-Cynthia a medical student of the University of Lagos, Akoka.


As a student doctor, could you enlighten us about blood transfusion?

Blood transfusion is simply the transfer of blood from one person, the donor to another person, the recipient – she answered

What are your views and perceptions about blood transfusion in Nigeria?

I once visited a Nigerian hospital where I witnessed the stress patients’ relatives and hospital authorities have to go through a times in order to secure the needed blood for their relatives and patients as the case may be. In my opinion, there is an insufficient amount of blood for this purpose in Nigeria.

On a rating of 1-10 could you rank your perspective of how Nigeria is fairing on blood transfusion

2 out of 10 she said, stating clearly that the situation is pathetic.

What are benefits of blood transfusion to the donor?

Donating blood reduces the risk of you having a heart attack and any other cardiovascular diseases and also it gives way for a new refill.

What can be done to improve blood transfusion in Nigeria?

There is the need for more widespread awareness campaigns on the subject, so that myths and wrong perceptions can be dispelled. Blood donors and recipients alike should be educated about blood transfusion as this would go a long way in dealing with the challenges associated with blood donation and transfusion.

Also, appropriate and up to date tests should  be mandated at all blood donation centers and laboratories so as to ensure the safety of the donor as well as the recipient.


In the nearest future, say about 5-8 years from now, what will be your contribution to this field of health care within the Nigerian health sector?

I would create awareness and lead by example by being a regular donor.

A word for Donors

“Keep up the good work and also eat healthy”