Breast Cancer Victim Keeps Pregnancy Despite Condition

This breast cancer victim, DeShonjla “Shonni” Peterson, got the shock of her life when she discovered a lump in her breast sometime last year during the breast cancer awareness month.

According to DeShonjla, who discovered this in October 2016 said: “who knew that during breast cancer awareness month I would discover that I had breast cancer?”

As if that wasn’t enough, the situation got complicated when she realized on the day she was supposed to have a double mastectomy that she was pregnant.
Left with just two choices, her breast surgeon suggested she either terminate the pregnancy and treat the breast cancer or continue with the pregnancy and delay treatment.

breast cancer

However, DeShonjla and her husband Kevin made the decision to protect their unborn child. So they kept the pregnancy.

“If I choose to start chemo today, I risk something possible harming Zoe.

While there are plenty of chemo babies out there, there isn’t enough evidence to support me risking any additional part of her health,” DeShonjla said.

On April 7, 2017, when she was 20 weeks gone, She had a single mastectomy. “If I did the bilateral and with reconstruction, my baby would be under anesthesia for close to 5 hours and I couldn’t risk that so I went with the lesser of the evils and only had one removed,” she said.

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By Monday, July 17, 2017, DeShonjla and her husband welcomed their new baby, Zoe Jade. “I couldn’t be ecstatic to meet her,” the new mom said.
Taking to Instagram, she said,

breast cancer

“Vulnerable is one of those things that I never wanted to be. Vulnerability always equated to weakness to me. Any vulnerability was calculated to make myself feel and look more human. Now as I sit today, transparent in my thoughts and emotions about this journey I feel nothing but strength and relief from my vulnerability. I feel beautiful in this space. This outward body is not where my beauty is housed. It is well within and courses through every fiber of my being. I share this image as another level of vulnerability and transparency. I don’t owe anyone this, but this is where my beauty now resides. It resides in everything I do. It resides in everything I am. It resides in everything I am affiliated with. It resides in everything that I love. Thank you all for walking on this journey with me.”

Well, congratulations to DeShonjla and her husband.

DeShonjla has, however, since started chemotherapy after she was able to nurse her daughter for about three weeks.

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Breast cancer is alarmingly becoming one of the commonest diseases around. Sadly, a lot of people are dying from it. A lot of times, if detected early, it would not have led to death. Most signs of breast cancer don’t come unnoticed, they are mostly obvious and they shouldn’t be overlooked. It is not all the time that they are a cause for alarm, still, they should always be checked out.


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