Brown Rice vs Basmati Rice; Which is Better?

brown rice vs basmati rice
Brown rice vs Basmati rice
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Brown rice vs basmati rice, which is better, which is healthier, which is more calorie-dense? I’m sure that’s one information we can’t wait to find out.

Rice has, in one way or the other, turned out to be a staple food in most homes and even parties in Nigeria. However, rice suddenly seems to be getting the tag, “bad carb,” as a result of the high starch content in rice, which is one major reason we keep trying all sorts of rice in a bid to find a healthier option and not completely give up on one of our all-time favourite food.

Back to the question, brown rice vs basmati rice, which is better?

First, let’s start by knowing the difference between these 2 types of rice.

Basmati rice is a long-grain type of white rice that has the husk, bran layer and germ removed, making it less nutritious than brown rice (like ofada rice and other local rice).

brown rice vs basmati rice
Basmati rice

Like every other white rice, Basmati rice (white basmati especially) is simply brown rice that the bran has been taken off and bleached in a process of rice production called milling and polishing, resulting in loss of most of the nutrients found in rice.

Brown rice, on the other hand, has all parts of the grain: bran (full of fiber), germ, and endosperm (which is rich in carbohydrates). This is why it’s considered a whole grain.

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Brown rice vs basmati rice; Nutritional value

Nutritionally, brown rice is recommended to white basmati rice because it contains more nutrients (like fibre and proteins) which offer the body a good number of health benefits such as, reduced cholesterol, controls blood sugar level etc.

However, brown rice tends to contain more calories than basmati rice, which is as a result of the extra nutrients and the bran in brown rice.

Also, the fibre content in brown rice is about 3.2 g per 100 g, which means a serving of brown rice will leave you feeling fuller longer than basmati rice.

brown rice vs basmati rice
Brown rice

Brown rice, however, contains a significant amount of arsenic, which is removed in basmati rice during milling and polishing. This high arsenic content, as well as phytic acid in the rice bran, can pose serious health problems.

Also, as a result of the high dietary fibre in brown rice, excess consumption can lead to intestinal gas, abdominal cramps, and bloat, which is not a likely case in the case of basmati rice.

This shows that both brown rice and basmati rice both have their advantages and their disadvantages, which makes it quite difficult to say one is better over the other.

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However, for healthy consumption of either (brown rice vs basmati rice), it is advised to make rice one of the component of your meal and not the major itself. For instance, you can make rice 1/4 portion of the entire meal and pair with lots of vegetables and proteins for maximum nutrients.

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