Etimoe’s Story : Why You Should Go For Regular Checkup

Etimoe is a young, vibrant and healthy-looking guy. He graduated with first class honours from a prestigious university, he was given an instant job at his convocation due to his impeccable records.

His parents were overjoyed and so were his siblings, friends and family. He graduated mid-June and was told to resume work by early August.

He resumed work at the stipulated time and it didn’t take long for his colleagues to notice his hardworking and diligent spirit. His team lead never had a reason to worry, whenever he assigned any task to him.

This continued for the space of eight months, and then one faithful morning, as Etimoe stepped out of the lift at his office, he slumped. It was so surprising that those that stepped out of the lift with him were first shocked, and then they swung to action; someone called one of the office chauffeurs to get a car ready, while two others carried him downstairs and then straight to the hospital.

After he had been checked in and tested, the doctor told his colleagues that waited behind that the problem was High Blood Pressure, his blood pressure was 220/120.

Later when he was fully rested, the doctor explained to him his situation, gave him the needed medical advice and rounded it up with these words, “you are very lucky this time around, i’m sure you’ve learnt your lessons. Never joke with your body, if you notice any symptoms, call me to ask about it and DO NOT MISS YOUR REGULAR CHECKUP .”

Truly, he had been having headaches recently and difficulty in breathing, but he had attributed it to lack of adequate rest. “I’ll try to find time to rest this weekend”, he told himself, but it was high blood pressure knocking at the door. Truly, he was lucky.

This is a story about how diseases kill people silently. High blood pressure is just one in the group of silent killers. Health is wealth, it is a person who is alive that will make money.

Regular medical checkup is very important and don’t take any symptoms of illnesses as too small . Take care of your body and health in general, you’ll be the better for it.

Stay healthy.