Female Orgasms: Take This Quiz to See How Much You Really Know About Them!

Female orgasms are rarely spoken about but they are very important! How much do you know about achieving orgasm as a female? Take this quiz to find out!


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#1. Orgasms feel the same way to every woman who experiences them.

#2. Female orgasms can only be achieved by penetration.

#3. As a woman, if you have unprotected sex without getting an orgasm, you won't get pregnant.

#4. If you don't regularly experience orgasms, it means something is wrong with you as a woman.

#5. It's alright to pretend you had an orgasm, just to let your partner feel good.

#6. If your partner wears a condoms, it'll prevent you from reaching an orgasm as a woman.

#7. Lots of women can't achieve orgasms through sexual activities.