Five things your urine says about your health

When Adeola was in secondary school, she belonged to the Jet Club Society. In one of their meetings they discussed about how changes in the color, consistency and odor of your urine says volume of your state of health. The topic that day was basically things your urine says about your health.

Ade’s mom was so excited as she listened to her daughter lecture her on things your urine says about your health. The weird part was when Ade told her mom that Senior Joshua told them they could also taste their urine from time to time to check for high contents of salt or sugar and basically inconsistencies.

Ehn! God forbid!!! You will do no such thing! Ignore that senior of yours, I am sure he is unaware of the spiritual consequences of such….” On and on her mother went on lecturing her, typical of a Yoruba mother.

It’s been almost five years now and Ade is smiling at Her lecturer as he tells her the same thing – YOUR URINE ACTUALLY SAYS A LOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!

First, before you know what is wrong, you should know what normal is. Normal, healthy urine should be light yellow or golden in color and fairly odorless. So, I am not asking that as Senior Joshua did that you taste your urine, but you should always take a peek after you finish emptying your bladder just before your flush.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”Xl9Nt” via=”yes” ]If your urine is foamy, bubbly or cloudy, it might indicate that you have kidney problem or infection[/ctt]

Generally, watch out for changes in the following:

  • Frequency. You should have an idea of how many times you pee in a day. Now when there is a change, I am not talking about a one-day change, I mean consistent irregularity for about three days, For instance if it is more  frequent, then it may be a sign of an infection in your bladder or urinary tract, pregnancy, diabetes, bladder inflammation or over activity.
    If it is the other way round, that is, it is smaller in quantity and darker in color – talking about concentration, then it is a very clear sign of dehydration. You need to take in lots of water as soon as you can to balance up your system. This may also spell of an infection. So if water therapy doesn’t work in a couple of days, then you should seek medical help.
  • Consistency. If your urine is foamy, bubbly or cloudy, it might indicate that you have kidney problem or infection.
  • Change in color. Sometimes, some medications or foods/drinks can result in a our urine having a particular color. Other than this, sometimes there may be underlying health issues. For instance, dark brown color might be a sign of kidney/liver problem. Red or pinkish colored urine could be terrifying, it may mean infection of the kidney/liver or even cancer.
  • Change in smell. Like i earlier stated, normal healthy urine doesn’t exactly have a smell. So if the smell of your urine is unduly pronounced then you need to pay attention. if it has an ammonia-like smell, it may be due to the fact that there isn’t enough water in your system, hence the concentration of your urine, so that’s dehydration right there. Now if it has a strong smell, it may be a sign of infection. Also if it has a sweet smell, it also means all is not well. It may be a sign of metabolic disorder.

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Not as though, these signs spells doom automatically. All these inconsistencies might be caused by certain foods, drinks or medications. So whatever the inconsistency, it isn’t an automatic alarm that your life is in danger but it is always good to seek medical help and run tests because they are mostly always pointers to underlying health challenges.