Healthy Food Options For Kids During This Holiday.

Eating healthy food alternatives is often times seen as a purely adult thing. Naija food has been proven on different levels to be wholesome and perfect for a healthy diet. However, most people still prefer to pump their children full of refined and imported foods if they can afford it. And hardly anyone considers the health aspects of feeding children since they don’t suffer from weight problems as much as adults. Healthy food Alternatives for kids come in a colourful variety of dishes that wouldn’t have you breaking the bank.

During this holiday, take advantage of the many hands available and make some tasty healthy treats. Some of them may even be kept for a while or refrigerated.

Healthy Food Options for Kids

  1. Parfait for Ice-Creams
    Servings of honey pecan pie yogurt parfait
    Healthy food option of Parfait rich in fruit.

    Why not try the mixture of yoghurt and fruit as an alternative to sugary ice creams. Pure unsweetened yoghurts are made locally and have a host of positive health benefits for your kids. They help in stomach health and make the digestion of food easier.

  2. Baked versus Fried
    baked doughnuts
    Baked doughnuts are a healthier option

    There is something about fried foods that’s got everyone hooked to them. Kids and adults alike would gladly indulge in some fried treats. But a lot of the foods we fry can be equally enjoyed baked or grilled. Take for example your chin-chin, even though conventionally a fried snack, it can be baked to give as much deliciousness. Dough nuts are another treat that can be enjoyed without the extra cholesterol.

  3. Chicken versus Beef
    plate of baked chicken
    Baked chicken, still retains all the delicious goodness.

    This is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids as chicken or poultry is softer and more versatile and therefore easier to eat. The poultry meat is white meat and has less unhealthy fats than the poultry. Also, rather than frying the chicken try baking or grilling and reduce the use of sodium salts and stock cubes.

  4. Carrot/Cucumber Stick Vs Chips
    Chopped, sliced, diced carrots
    Carrots for kids

    These might not be quite a great alternative but you can make it more interesting by cutting the veggies into interesting pieces. Salting or lightly flavoring the sticks can make it more interesting. Make an interesting dip to go with it and let the kids go crazy over it.

  5. More veggies/Soups; less Staples
    plant-based food
    Assortment of fruits and vegetables

    Increase your child’s love for soups and vegetables soups and you can try making it rich in seafood or chunks of meat to encourage them.

  6. Fruit salads
    Healthy food options for kids. fruits in a plate
    Colorful Fruit salad

    Colorful plates of fruit will be attractive to the kids. Watermelons, pineapples, apples, pears, guava can be used as finger foods instead of floury snacks.

  7. Fruit Popsicles
    watermelon popsicles
    Sweet and sugar free, watermelon popsies

    Does your kid love sweets and can’t get enough? Try making fruit popsicles especially watermelon popsicles. Blend or juice your fruit and then pour into an ice box with a toothpick or pieces of chopsticks stuck in it. Freeze the fruit and voila popsicles.


Try these healthy food options for your kids and watch them grow beautifully.  Eating healthy also builds up their immune system and makes them less susceptible to drugs and germs. Early use of antibiotics could lead to a decreased ability to fight bacteria. So, build up your children’s health now to save them unnecessary trips to the hospital later in life.