Healthy Habits That Make You Gain Weight

In recent times here, we have been looking at weight loss. There is often the concern of why the results gotten from the weight loss schemes are not commensurate to the efforts put in (diet, exercise and the rest). There are seemingly ‘good’ habits and foods embarked upon in the journey of weight loss do the very opposite. Hence, you don’t see the desired results. In this post, we’d look at healthy habits that make you gain weight.

Healthy Habits That Make You Gain Weight.

You hit the gym every single day.
Consistency is very key in the weight loss journey. But keeping at it without giving your body adequate rest and time to recover, you can hinder your progress. This is because your body being tired would be more prone to injuries and other risks associated with exercise. Taking a day or two off per week is a great way to keep in check.

You are snacking wrongly.
In a bid to keep fit and trim, there is the tendency to go on diets. There are a lot dieting mistakes that come from this. One major one is snacking wrongly. Snacking on some ‘healthy food’ instead of eating a whole meal is one major diet mistake as you’d get hungry soon after and you deprive your body of the needed nutrients. In the long run, you tend to eat more to douse your hunger which leads to weight gain – sabotaging the whole plan.

You are all about just one kind of nutrient.
A lot of people on weight loss programs are almost obsessed with calorie number or low fat foods. You’d notice all their food options around those kinds of foods. There also is the tendency of over-eating these kinds of food.

Abiding by these ‘healthy’ rules may in the short run seem very effective. However in the long run, the lost fat is gained back. Moderation is key in permanently beating off fat.

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