How many of these depression myths did you believe?

Depression is common. We hear about, we talk about it, and we probably know someone who has suffered from it. But as common as it is, there are lots of misconceptions surrounding the topic. We will be debunking some of them right now. Keep reading!

How many of these depression myths did you believe?


#1. Depression is the same thing as sadness.

#2. Depression is not a real thing, it's simply sadness that is hyped to make it look more serious in order to get sympathy.

#3. People that get depressed do not have 'strong mind', they are those who easily get flustered and discouraged.

#4. Depression is treatable

#5. Once a person gets diagnosed with depression, they remain depressed for life.

#6. Children can get depressed.

#7. Once someone starts using anti-depressant drugs, they have to continue for life.

#8. Depression is more common in females

#9. Men with depression are more likely to commit suicide than women.



1. Although overwhelming sadness is one of the features of depression, a person can be sad without being depressed. Sadness and depression are not the same.

2. Depression is a real and clinically diagnosable illness.

3. A person’s inbuilt psychological traits have a role to play in the development of depression. However, other external factors such as a person’s genetic factors and social environment also influence the chances of getting depression.

4. Depression can be treated using drugs, therapy and other methods.

5. Depression is not a perpetual state of being. It is possible for a person to have one episode of depression, get treated and never develop another episode for life.

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6. Depression is not a respecter of age; it can occur at any age, even in children.

7. Antidepressants may either be taken long term or for a few months. The duration of drug use depends on how severe the depression is, and how well it responds to treatment. Antidepressant drugs are not necessarily taken for life.

8. Although both males and females can get depressed, it is commoner is females. However, recent attention is being drawn to that fact that the frequency of depression in men may be under-reported.

9. Various data show that more men commit suicide than women.

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