Hate Jogging? These 5 Workouts Will Help You Burn More Calories

Jogging is probably not for everyone but like it or not, they help burn calories a lot.

The good news, however, is that you don’t have to go jogging to burn a lot of calories as there are a good number of exercises to help you burn more calories than you can imagine.

The first question on your mind that you probably want to be answered is, how many calories can a person burn from jogging?

Well, you can burn an impressive 398 calories per hour from jogging.

Now that we have settled that, let’s see 5 workout types that can help us burn more calories than jogging.

1. Skipping (jumping rope)


Who would have thought that one of our favourite childhood games can help us burn a whopping amount of calories? I guess, it’s quite obvious seeing that a good number of us lived a much more healthy life when we were younger.

Anyway, skipping gets your heart rate up, improves balance and coordination and also burns about 670 calories an hour, depending on your pace and intensity.

2. Dancing


Sounds fun, right? Well, it sure is a lot of fun than jogging.

Aerobic dance can burn upwards of 443 calories per hour. So, the next time you think of burning some calories, try dancing.


3. Swimming


If you love swimming, then good news for you.

Unlike jogging which seems painful (especially when you do it simply because you want to burn calorie, not because you want to de-stress of any of such), swimming is pretty much enjoyable.

You can lose with breaststroke (585 calories per hour), backstroke (540 calories per hour), or butterfly (784 calories per hour) at a moderate to vigorous pace.

4. Running up the stairs


Although this feels more like jogging, running up and down the stairs can be considered more effective because scaling steps can burn almost 300 more calories than running on flat ground.

So, running up the stairs can help burn 852 calories per hour.

5. Boxing burns more calories than jogging


The good thing about this type of boxing is that you don’t have to punch anyone in the face, just your punching bags.

Not only does it make you tough and fierce, it helps you burn about 727 calories in an hour.

Kehinde Omotosho is a content writer at healthfacts.ng who enjoys the punching sounds of the keyboard when conjuring words together to make a full entity. When she is not typing, she's examining a few fashion pieces and playing dress-up. Meeting people and smiling always are a few of her hobbies. For more details, send an email to info@healthfacts.ng


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