My New Health Resolutions [for a Stress Free 2016 ]

   Hello there! it’s another great year. Usually about this time, a lot of people go ahead to write New Year resolutions, pasting them around in their rooms, offices and the likes. Some people think it is just a waste of time as a whole lot of people forget all about these resolutions in just a few weeks into the New Year. I am of a different opinion though, I do think that most times if you do not plan ahead, then just about anything goes. Same thing with our health, we have to set out plans and strategies on how to maintain our health and commit to following them with discipline so that we do not just end up with an unhealthy body at the end of the year.


   Well, I have a couple of New Year resolutions, this time in respect to my health, hence I call it my “New health Resolutions”. It contains a couple of healthy habits that I have chosen to adopt in 2016. I would share a couple of them and yes you are free to adopt mine or even compile a list of yours. The whole point is ensuring that we do pay more attention to our health in this coming year.

  • Exercise! Exercise!! Exercise!!! : The importance of exercise cannot be over emphasized. A lot of times, it is very easy to rush off in the morning and then feel discouraged after a few weeks of skipping exercise. This year, I resolve to exercise daily. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym every morning, but choosing to take the stairs instead of the lift and choosing to walk down the street instead of driving. There are also ways to engage in light exercises during the day.


  • Drink lots of water: As studies has shown, it is very healthy to have up to 8 glasses of water daily and to carry a bottle of water with you as you go through the day. This has numerous benefits.
  • Eating healthy: As the saying goes, healthy eating leads to healthy living. This year, I have decided not to respond to every of my stomach’s demand. No, I would not starve myself or go into unhealthy dieting. However, I would eat smaller portions of food by initially taking a small portion and then taking more if I need more instead of starting with a bigger portion, exceeding my capacity and then forcing the rest down my throat. This would also mean that I avoid unnecessary snacking when I am not hungry.Z
  • Less fries and processed food: Too much oil and excessive consumption of processed food is very unhealthy. Hence, I have decided to take less fries and cut down on the level of canned food I consume.
  • No more late night meals! I have come to learn that eating heavy meals late at night has a lot of dangers attached to it ranging from indigestion problems to accumulation of tummy fat. I have decided to be more disciplined in this area in particular this coming year.

New year

So people, I encourage you to adopt new health resolutions, and be committed and disciplined in following through with them. I wish you all a very healthy 2016!