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Newborn baby mistakes are quite common. Do you know that there are some common practices that are actually harmful to newborn babies? If you didn’t know this, keep reading!

If you’re a mum who just brought your newborn baby from the hospital, we can only imagine how happy your little one makes you feel. Of course, you’ve heard a lot of advice from different people and even done your own research on caring for your child. It can be an overwhelming process truly. That’s why this post will show you 4 newborn baby mistakes you should not make!

The first newborn baby mistake is letting your little one sleep on their stomach

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 Sleeping on the stomach is dangerous because it reduces the baby’s airflow and increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. A real possibility that sleeping on the stomach causes is suffocating on the bed sheets or blankets in the baby’s bed. Some parents may be worried that their baby might choke if asleep on their back. This is not likely to happen because the baby’s lungs and airways as well as their gag reflex will help prevent choking. It is safe to let your baby sleep on his stomach only when he can roll about or sit up by himself or after his first birthday.

The second mistake mothers make with their newborns is allowing different people to kiss their babies.

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This is a very dangerous practice that can even lead to serious complications and even death for your child. Kissing a newborn might transfer Herpes Simplex Virus and other viruses which are harmful to the child’s weak immune system. This story shows a young couple who lost their child to viral meningitis just 18 days after her birth. It is best to ensure you limit the number of visitors your newborn baby has and ensure all visitors wash their hands and are in obvious good health. While it might seem rude, respectfully ask your guests not to kiss your baby.

Another newborn baby mistake is the habit of leaving dirty diapers on your baby for too long

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Yes, we understand that the economy is not friendly and the price of baby essentials is on the rise. However, this is not enough reason to leave your baby in a soiled diaper just to save costs. It is best to change a poop soiled diaper as soon as possible. This will help to avoid diaper rash. Diaper rash can occur as a result of the irritation that comes when the baby is in contact with urine or poop for too long. If however, you don’t notice that the diaper is full quickly, don’t feel too bad. Ensure you change it as soon as you notice.

Letting your newborn cry unattended is another mistake parents make.

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Babies are designed to crave their parent’s attention and crying is their only method of communication. Don’t allow people to make you feel you’re spoiling your baby by carrying them all the time. Click here to see our recent blog post talking about why your baby cries so much.

Also if you feel tired or overwhelmed with caring for your baby, don’t be afraid to ask for help and take time off whenever you need it.

Remember to see your paediatrician if there is an issue or even if you suspect something is wrong. If you’re a first-time mum, remember that we are rooting for you and you can drop your comments, questions and feedback below!

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