Red palm oil is produced and gotten from the palm tree, which abounds in tropical Africa. Its high healing properties and great nutritional value makes it a rich natural resource for all ages.

As sweet and tasty as this oil could be in most of our African delicacies, researchers and health experts have also being able to discover some of its enormous rich benefits in terms of improving heart and reproductive health for both men and women.

Before now, a lot of research and findings have been made, showing how red palm oil serves as a risk factor that triggers stroke, heart attack and other cholesterol diseases when consumed in foods, now it has turned out to be the leading oil, containing far better nutrients than most dietary oil.

palm oil


  1. Red palm oil is an essential ingredient in diets that enables nursing mothers and pregnant women have a good health. Although it has been a biased to some people in the past, today its importance to the development of gametes and tissues of men and women can’t be left out.
  2. It has also been able to resolve the challenges of infertility and child bearing in many homes today, amidst married couples, who actually might be having issues raising children due to infertility and sterility. With the consumption of red palm oil, you are on your way to boosting your reproductive health.
  3. Adding adequate amount of palm oil to your diet can triple the amount of vitamin A in mother’s milk, which has sterols, trace metals and carotenoids that ameliorates oxidative stress.
  4. Palm oil is known to be one of the abundant natural sources of vitamin E, containing tocopherol, with balanced composition of both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, enabling a proper maintenance of blood pressure, eradicates free radicals and keeps inflammation under control.