The Heartbreak : Adama’s Fight with Diabetes (1)

Adama is a lively and chubby young lady. She works as a secretary in a middle-scale company. She loves her job, her boyfriend and her life in general.

As she stepped into the office one fateful Wednesday morning, the first thing she noticed on her boss’s face was his demeanor; he wasn’t his normal cheerful self.

What’s the matter oga? Did you lose a bet? Did Arsenal lose the match? These were the questions she threw at her boss, but, mute was the reply.

“Send a mail to everyone; tell them to all be in the meeting room by 10am prompt. No one is exempted,” Jide, her boss, instructed.

“Okay sir,” she replied.

Few hours later, after the meeting had ended, everyone sat shell-shocked, unable to leave the meeting room. They all had just lost their jobs. Their company was folding up, they had till Monday to tidy up and start looking for a new job.

Adama could not believe her ears. It was like a bad dream that she needed to wake up from. She mechanically started cleaning up her desk.

She decided to stop by Charles’ house to inform him about the new development before going home. On getting to his house, she unlocked the door and went straight to his room, only to find him in bed with another woman.

She didn’t remember how she got home that night, she only remembered her scream before fainting.

So, it was actually true that Charles had been cheating on her.

How can someone’s life turn around in one day?

She cried herself to sleep and still woke up crying. She turned off her phone and locked herself in. She refused to go out, and even on Sunday, she didn’t go to Church.

She became really depressed and she lost her trust in people, especially guys. Her colleagues had to help her bring her remaining properties from the office to her house on Monday.

She started feeding on junks and cared less for her health.

To be continued…