Best Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, sadly, you may not be able to sleep the regular way. Those positions may no longer be the best for you and your child. Especially if it is your first pregnancy, you keep tossing and tossing to get a comfortable position. Still in deciding on the best sleeping position for pregnant women, safety comes into place. Beyond just what is comfortable, you also need to consider what is safe and not just for you but also for your unborn child.

You can try out some of these sleeping positions that are safe and would also give your body rest as you sleep.

The best sleeping position for pregnant women.

The best sleeping position for pregnant women is Sleep on Side (SOS) and with your knees bent. It is recommended that you make it your left side. Reason being to increase the amount of blood and nutrients that get to your baby.

Best sleeping position for pregnant women

You can also prop your body with a pillow, either between your legs, behind your back or abdomen. Placing a pillow just under your body as you sleep can also aid in prevent you from shifting from side to stomach or back.

These positions may not be your regular, but be open to explore them.

Best sleeping position for pregnant women

You should avoid these positions during pregnancy.

Sleeping on your stomach. Because of how your stomach expands and the increasing tenderness and swelling of your breasts during pregnancy, it is not exactly a great idea.

Sleeping on your back. Sleeping this way causes the weight of your uterus to strain your spine. Again because of the back pains and other pains that plague pregnant women, this position isn’t advisable. This sleeping position can also affect blood proper circulation to your baby.