Quiz: Can you name these 5 exotic fruits?

Exotic fruits are everywhere! The world is like a vast garden with many fruits, plants, and animal species co-existing in it. It is believed that there are still a whole lot of them that have not even been discovered yet.

So, it makes sense that as far as fruits are concerned, there are a few that you’ve not even seen or heard of either. If this were about species of mangoes, you would probably be able to identify and name several of them.

Okay, let’s go a bit rarer, have you heard of the kiwi fruit? You have probably had a slice of it in a parfait or in a salad before right? Okay, what about the Cherimoya fruit? Yes! You have most likely not heard of that one or know how it looks.

What if we play an interesting game? We are going to show you a few exotic fruits from around the world and you get to figure out their names. Give us your answers in the comment section. Alright then, let’s go!

1. R _ M _ U _ A _?

This fruit is indigenous to Malaysia. The name is gotten from the Malaysian word for hair. It has a layer of leathery skin that is covered in pinkish hair, yes pinkish. When you open this fruit, you are greeted with a white or pinkish flesh that many say is juicy and sweet. So, can you name this fruit, then?

2. M _ N _ O _ T _ E _?

This one is quite interesting because it looks like fruit inside a fruit, or in this case a spice in a fruit. It looks like there is a clove of garlic inside a red and tough outside skin. Digging into this fruit produces a unique sweet and tangy taste that you can get addicted to pretty quickly.

3. J_ _ K _ R _ _ T

This fruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world and can weigh up to 36kg, which is almost the weight of a bag of cement! Well, this is one fruit that can end world hunger, don’t you think? But what is the name of the fruit?

4. D _ A _ O _ F _ U _ T?

The name of this fruit is just as fierce as it looks with its pink skin and green-tipped scales. It has a crunchy texture and inside it is white or fuchsia-colored with tiny black seeds. It is creamy and has a mixture of a sweet and sour taste. Oh, It is also the national fruit of Vietnam.

5. K _ M _ U _ T?

Here is a citrus fruit that is quite small and bite-sized. They are different from other citrus fruits in that their rinds are edible. When you eat it, it kind of tastes like you are eating orange peels, but it is a bit sweeter and softer. So you can just pop one of these bad boys in your mouth and chew away.

How many can you name?

We are done with our game. Now, truthfully, how many of these fruits were you able to name? If you find it difficult, you can use the clues we have given you to find out what the names are. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. We will be back soon with another exciting one. Adios!

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