Five fun ways to teach your kids healthy eating.

A lot of children can be dramatic when it comes to the issue of food. They don’t want enough proteins and don’t seem to get enough of sugary foods and drinks. Most parents are confused on how to teach their kids healthy eating from that age… so they sometimes give in to their children’s whining. Most times, eating patterns and habits are formed at childhood and to a large extent, it influences the fellow’s food choices. Hence, it is important to ensure you teach your kids healthy eating.

Below is a list of five fun ways…

  • Make the food a colorful variety. Kids love colors and variety. Whatever food that is colorful would definitely interest them. This doesn’t necessarily mean always ensuring the food has all the colors of the rainbow. However, do your best to make sure that once in a while, the food is a mix of colors. One way of achieving this is including fruits and vegetables in the food as they come in various exciting colors. Apart from the fact that children love colors, fruits and vegetables are highly nutritious. A critical point when you teach your kids healthy eating is this: don’t bore them with the same food all week long. Spice it up a bit.

teach your kids healthy eating

  • Involve your kids in the whole process of meal preparation. From the shopping to the preparation itself. Read through the labels with them. Beyond the fanciness of the food package. Teaching them to read through the labels is one sure way to teach your kids healthy eating. Check for the expiration dates, harmful ingredients and registration number if applicable. Children often get excited when they get their hands involved in kitchen work. It makes them feel a sense of accomplishment. Be careful though to ensure their safety in the kitchen. When it’s all done, they would eager to try it out.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”68YQx” via=”yes” ]Children often get excited when they get their hands involved in kitchen work. It makes them feel a sense of accomplishment.[/ctt]

  • Teach them that water comes first. Help them understand that water is healthier than the sugary drinks they often crave. Also, build in them habits like taking water once you are up in the morning and sufficiently through the day.
water comes first
  • Don’t skip meals especially their breakfasts. I remember my mom always making me finish my breakfast before school however late I may be. Today, many years after, I hardly would miss my breakfast. I know how we can all like to get into the whole rush of life. It is however important that we teach kids healthy eating habits even through the rush of life. Pay attention also to portion size. Don’t give your children so much to eat as a reward for something. Ensure their meals are controlled. This includes their eating out and snacking.
teach your kids healthy eating
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[ctt template=”8″ link=”c11Tn” via=”yes” ]It is however important that we teach kids healthy eating habits even through the rush of life.[/ctt]

  • Build a family mealtime structure. Having everyone eat together at the table during mealtimes encourages your children to eat more healthy food as well. It is better convincing them that they should eat a particular food when everyone else at the table is eating it than when they are eating alone. Do your best to make this time as pleasurable as possible such that they look forward to mealtimes beyond the food to the fun times and pleasure.

It’s important to note that beyond what you say, children watch what you do. Be a good example as you have fun on your parenting journey.

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