Must Read: Foods That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

What a man eats goes a long way in determining whether he has to deal with erectile dysfunction. Cleaning up your diet and ensuring you eat healthy is one natural and sure way to avoid erectile dysfunction. This is because according to research, any eating pattern that is detrimental to a man’s heart health is also a possible cause of erectile dysfunction. This is because the way unrestricted blood flows through the arteries is the same way blood flow is needed for the penis to become erect. In the same vein, some certain foods/drinks mess with the hormonal levels and this can either directly or indirectly lead to erectile dysfunction.

Below are some of the foods that cause erectile dysfunction:

Processed animal fat:  Also known as processed meat, excess of which is very detrimental to your performance in the “other” room and also your heart. This is so because they contain high levels of cholesterol which can clog the penial arteries and lead to obstructed blood flow, leading to erectile dysfunction. Try substituting some of the meat in your diet with some healthier options like fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Some of these fish are mackerel and sardines.

foods that cause erectile dysfunction

Farmed fish: When choosing your fish, beware of farmed fish. Farmed fish is another food that causes erectile dysfunction as they are often packed with industrial chemicals. Exposure to some of these chemicals has been linked to lower testosterone levels… So when going for fish, opt for fresh, wild ones: It is one sure way to fight against erectile dysfunction.

foods that cause erectile dysfunction

Packaged foods: Whether in can or plastic, foods packaged this way pose a threat to your penis’ health. Bottled drinks/water is also not exempted. A certain chemical known as Bisphenol-A (BPA) is often used to line canned foods and plastic used for packaging. This chemical is known for inhibiting sexual performance. So avoid using plastics to store your food or for heating in microwave. If you must eat packaged foods, look for those labeled “BPA-Free”.

Fried foods: Cut down on your consumption of these too, as they tend to contribute to hormonal imbalance through weight gain, leading to erectile dysfunction.

foods that cause erectile dysfunction

Too much booze: Also cut down on your alcohol consumption. Excess of It can reduce production of testosterone, leading to lesser testosterone in your blood stream. This ultimately leading to erectile dysfunction. Stick to moderate portions (one or two bottles daily).