Family violence happens in a relationship where there is no trust, kinship, intimacy and it spans from sexual abuse, emotional trauma and financial negligence to physical abuse.

Basically, from research, studies have shown that a lot of people who are being abused in a family relationship commonly have the following experiences: low self-esteem, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and many other experiences.

A lot of people have been experiencing lots of family violence in one way or the order and it’s quite unfortunate that they aren’t aware that, such experiences being experienced are termed family violence.

In this article, I shall be taking you through a one month series on what family violence is all about and how you can identify cases or scenes of such FAMILY VIOLENCE in our homes or society where we live as individuals or family.


This article focuses on exploring the effects of family violence on our health as individuals and creating awareness on the health impacts of family violence, and pointing out case of family violence, as we really need to watch out for such scenes and take necessary precautions or preventive measures by combating against family violence and saying no to its occurrences in our family and society today.

Did you know that family violence could lead to low self-esteem, isolation, poor child development, aggressive behaviour and negative psychological effects?


  • When a child or an individual is sexually abused it may trigger serious physical and emotional reactions, especially in people with diabetes, cerebral palsy and epileptic victims.
  • Women who happened to have been sexually abused in one way or the other or are living with physical or sexual violence, when they have babies, they tend to be of low birth weight which is linked to child and infant child disabilities, illness, and death.
  • Most children who encounter physical violence are seriously at risk of physical injury and perhaps death. Also, physical violence with parents during a fight or physical argument can lead to injuries to children.

In my next episode, I shall be buttressing on key areas we should take note of and watch out for, against family violence and their impacts on our health as individuals or as a family, stay connected on our platform for more. Remember healthy living starts here. See you next week.