Mide’s Struggle : A Love and Genotype Story (3)

Hi friends, welcome to the last part of the story, Mide’s Struggle: A Love and Genotype Story.

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He was advised by his dad to go to two other hospitals to re-do the test. At this point Amina was getting really worried and scared, she quickly put a call across to her sister to share her fears.

Amina’s sister on picking her call and listening to all that Amina had to say, advised her to calm down but not before she slightly rebuked her again for not carrying out the tests earlier in the relationship. She told her to go to Mide’s apartment to check on him after work.

Mide decided to do the tests that day, so he called his HOD and was granted permission to take the whole day off. Thus, he went to two other hospitals to get the test done.

It came as a pleasant surprise to him when he was told that his genotype is AA and that from the other two hospitals he went to.

He was glad and excited and he quickly placed a call to Amina; after apologizing for not picking up her calls, he explained to her all he had gone through and then he informed her of the good news. They agreed to meet at an eatery to celebrate the hurdle they had just crossed.

Mide then puts a call across to his dad and his best friend, Wale, to inform them of the results. They were both glad at the news.

With the battle of genotype behind them, Amina and Mide were able to go ahead and make plans for their wedding.

About one year and some months later, Amina walked down the aisle and got married to the love of her life, Mide.


Lessons from the story:

  1. It is important for intending couples to do necessary medical tests (such as blood test, HIV, STDs, etc.) before going deep into the relationship. Not everyone would be as lucky as Mide and Amina
  2. Try to do your genotype test in more than one hospital or laboratory, so that you can be doubly sure of the result.

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