How a Nigerian should maintain a Natural Afro

Some of us want that long sleek curly hair, others want it lesser. But most people want that full grown natural hair that stands firm.

An afro is that natural full grown hair. Afros are very brittle and thus require patience and some form of hard work for its maintenance.

Maintaining and caring for an afro could be very stressful at times but following a few tips here could aid in reducing the stress.

  • Know your hair type – It is advisable that you know the type of hair you have; curly, messy, very soft, very strong, medium texture, also the rate at which your hair grows. All these should be easily identified as regards your hair type. Knowing these factors could help in maintaining a natural afro.
  • Growing a fresh hair – Most times it is advisable to start afresh. Get rid of the tangled old hair and start nurturing it from its roosts. A low cut may do.
  • Grow Natural – Avoid applying toxic chemicals or creams to your hair. Make use of products that contain over 70% natural hair ingredients. You could also apply Shea butter (ori) and olive oil as these products are known to be essential hair ingredients.

Tips to maintain a natural afro includes the following:

  • Care for your hair regularly. Wash your hair with shampoo at least once every week. Shampooing and washing of hair help to get rid of build-up products (which can be caused by excessive sweating) which can block the hair follicles and stunt hair growth.
  • Moisturise the scalp regularly. Keeping your hair well moisturised is the key to healthy growth. Apply oil to prevent the hair from drying out and becoming brittle and also from other scalp conditions such as dandruff.
  • Protect your hair from harsh weather conditions. Cover your hair when necessary.
  • Trim your hair
  • Maintain a healthy eating habit. Consume foods that enhance healthy hair growth. Foods containing fatty acids, folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, and protein enhance hair growth. Foods such as carrots, poultry, beans, salmons, green veggies, whole grains and low-fat dairy products should be consumed to aid boost hair growth.
  • Rest properly. Get an adequate amount of sleep regularly. It has been stated previously that most growth occurs when the body is at rest.

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