Planning Your Next Step to Avoid Orthopedic Accident

I left my school to quickly get a few stuffs at the popular “yaba” market. After alighting the shuttle, I was caught by the scene of people gathered by one side of the road. The same road which I was about to cross. As I took another step, I wondered what would have happened.

“Abeg, make person call ambulance, she dey breathe” That was voice I heard clearly from amidst the crowd.  Having heard that and  managed to get a view of what had happened, I knew it was an accident.

A moving car just swept a lady off her feet.  She was really in pains. I could imagine her agony at that moment. A man offered to rush her to a nearby hospital. As I crossed the road, I prayed silently in my heart for the lady to survive.

Many at times, we go to several places and we have to cross major roads.  These roads often put us at various risks. The risk of orthopedic accidents or even death.

As humans, we could have various things bothering us once in a while. But we should always endeavor  to focus and take note of our environment especially when crossing the road.

“What could the lady’s thought have been? Didn’t she see the incoming vehicle?”, most people would have asked. Another question goes thus,  “what could the driver’s thought have been?  Or didn’t he/she see the lady crossing?”

Accidents occur everyday in our environment, and most times they take innocent lives away, or better still result in orthopedic conditions. When using the road either as a pedestrian or motorist, it is advised you pay full attention  to that environment which you find yourself in. “When you’re on the road,  be on the road”. 

  • Avoid distractions
  • Do not tune yourself off from your environment.

Carefully take note of your next step,  as where it leads next,  you might not know.