Simple Everyday Exercises That Can Help You Keep Fit

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I bet you want to keep fit while doing it in the comfort of your home, that’s why you’re reading this post, right?

Well, you’re definitely on the right path to achieving that as you’ll be learning a few tips to keeping fit without visiting the gym, with these pretty simple everyday workouts.

Keeping fit and staying healthy is important to carry out our daily activities and feel great while at it.

These simple and effective exercises will improve your stamina, increase overall body strength by doing full body workouts, and also work on your agility and flexibility and help you keep fit generally.

First, before any form of workouts, warm up by stretching and also stretch out after every routine before going over to the next.

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1. Jumping jacks

keep fit

Jumping jacks is one of the basic exercises to help you keep fit and nearly everyone has been practicing since childhood.

Jumping jacks is one of the most beneficial exercises which helps you increase your stamina, get a toned body and get your heart rate up, which in turn increases your body metabolism.

You can start this routine with a set of 20-30 and eventually increase it as you continue to work out.

Make sure you remember to stretch out your arms and legs after the each.

2. Step Ups

Use a low stool or any other low platform and step up and down for 10 to 15 reps, start with one leg before moving to the next. Ensure you keep your back straight and core activated to maintain balance.

This easy exercise will help you tone your thighs.

3. Plank

keep fit

Plank is basically for the upper body which tightens the deepest core muscles, reduces back pain, strengthens your core, reduces your belly fat and increases flexibility.

It is a static exercise where you use your arms to raise yourself off the floor and hold the whole body straight and rigid. Get into a push-up position, rest your body weight on your arms. Suck your belly inside and stay in the same position for a minute.

4. Do some Lunges to keep fit

keep fit

Lunges are great for strengthening your knees and building strong thigh muscles in order to support your body weight conveniently.

Lunges are done by taking a big enough step forward that the knee forms about a 90-degree angle while keeping your spine upright.

So, stand upright, rest your arms on your hips and then put forward one foot while lowering your body on to it.

Basically, for you to keep fit and stay fit, you’ve got to be consistent with whatever exercise plan or routine you have chosen to go by.

There you go! Enjoy being fit.


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