Infographic: 8 Simple Ways To Eat Healthy on A Low Budget

The recession which has hit our dear country Nigeria has become stale news. I am one of those who remain very optimistic about Nigeria despite her numerous problems. But while the recession lasts, I’ll share with you how to eat healthy even on a low budget.

Here’s a well prepared infographic containing practical and easy to follow steps that would guide you in getting started with the healthy lifestyle change.

low budget

The market is one unfriendly place to visit during these trying times in our dear country. In a bid to have a healthy life, eating healthy on a low budget might just be one of those things, and who knows, there could be little fun in visiting that one unfriendly place – the market if properly planning is done.

Healthy eating doesn’t cost much especially when proper planning is done. Eating on a low budget doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be getting low (poor) nutrients.

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