Tech-enabled health startups in Nigeria

The health startup space in Nigeria is one that has not received as much attention from investors as other sectors. Despite this limitation, some players in the space have been doing some amazing work.

This piece aims to profile some of these health startups and focus on how they are using tech to improve healthcare in the country. It is no longer news that technology is the future and any company that wants to remain relevant has to be invested in creating simple solutions through tech. These companies have been doing just that and they are doing it well enough to be making an impact in their own way. Here they are:

1. Kangpe

Kangpe is trying to make doctors more accessible to people. It is an interactive platform where users can ask real doctors real-life questions about their health and get real-time answers

To get started, you simply have to open up the app on your mobile phone and start typing your question. There are medical doctors on hand to answer the questions in ten minutes or less. The user pays a subscription fee for this privilege

Kangpe operates in Kenya and Ghana in addition to Nigeria. They are growing rapidly and serving even more people every day. If you have got a medical question, Kangpe is the way to go.

2. Lifebank

Lifebank has grown to become one of the most successful health startups in Nigeria. It is a platform that makes blood readily available to patients that are in dire in hospitals and Health Centers all across the nation.

Lifebank organizes blood drives and makes it available to hospitals in emergency situations. The Lifebank platform is accessible on mobile and desktop and shows the available blood types and in what quantity. This can then be quickly delivered to any hospital that needs it. Hospital deaths due to the unavailability of safe blood happen all the time in health institutions in Nigeria. Lifebank is helping to keep that number down, one blood bag at a time.

Health + Tech = Saving Lives

This list is by no means exhaustive, but these health startups are making healthcare a bit easier and safer for the average Nigerian. There are a lot more companies like these that are doing amazing things in this sector, many of which will be profiled in the future. But for now, we should doff our hats to these young companies that are making a difference, one day at a time.

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