The Secret Wonders In our Gardens Pt. 2

In the first part of this series, we shed some light on the usefulness of common shrubs and other plant found around. In this part, we would be looking at a few more common plants and how they can be useful to us.

The second common shrub we would be considering in this series is SCENT LEAF. The Yorubas call it Efinrin, Igbos call it Nchanwu, Hausas call it Daidoya. It is highly medicinal and it has plenty benefits.

Scent leaf acts as a mosquito repellent around the home. Used as a decongestant for head colds, bronchitis. The leaves when chewed can be used to correct teeth and gum disorders. It has a unique taste and lovely aroma used in cooking a lot of delicacies. Extracts from nchanwu contains some anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic components and can be used in the treatment of convulsion.

When used along with steam inhalation, it is very useful in treatment of cough n catarrh. It can also be used to treat stomach disorders, fever, malaria, cholera. Among the Igbos, it is commonly used in sterilizing the wound surface of a baby’s cord until the wound is healed.

Bitter leaf is another wonderful plant with numerous benefits. It is known as Onugbo, Ewuro, and Shawaka in Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa respectively. It is highly medicinal and can help us keep our health in check. Extracted bitter leaf juice helps cleanse the blood, this is because it is very rich in antioxidants, which contains disease-fighting properties; it is also a great detoxifier. It has natural quinine components, so it can be used to treat malaria.

It may also surprise you to know that bitter leaf juice can be used to reduce insomnia! Taking just about two glasses before going to bed is known to bring great calm to your body. Adding a pinch of salt to extracted bitter leaf juice is also very helpful in treating stomach upsets. It provides fast relief, It works like magic!


Also, for a fresh surge of energy daily, squeeze the leaves in water, drink a glass about thrice daily, you will soon experience great energy surges. Allow me amaze you further! Did you know that bitter leaf can help in weight loss? Oh yes! Bitter leaf helps speed up metabolism, leading to weight loss.


Bitter leaf is useful in treatment of prostate cancer because of its anti-inflammatory components, it said to stop the cancer from spreading. It is also useful in maintaining a healthy sugar level balance, taking 2 -3 glasses of bitter leaf juice daily can in achieving this.