8 Light But Filling Breakfast Ideas

You know how breakfast is the best meal of the day? well, it still remains so. But how many people even bother eating breakfast, talk least of caring what their brekkies consist of? Breakfast reduce cravings for junk food and help to keep you alert through the work day.

As the first meal of the day, breakfast is required to fulfill your energy needs, while not weighing you down. And while we have the rest of the day to burn calories, sitting at a desk all day doesn’t often avail the opportunity. Long story short, a breakfast that’s too heavy will definitely add to your waist line. And don’t forget it will slow you down too.

So here is a rundown of some local and non-local breakfast food ideas.

Breakfast for the average Lagos worker

Now, while some of these foods are easily prepared, some might take a while. But hey, a whole lot of breakfast bars and online kitchens are waiting patiently to serve you most delicious meals. But if you can’t afford those, our list will keep you excited for the morning without denting your pockets.

  1. Oatmeal:

    Fruits and oats
    Bowl of goodness

    This high fibre, absolutely nutritious and guilt free meal takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. And the best part, you can top it with absolutely anything, fruit, eggs, plain milk an sugar, some cocoa, even spicy toppings.

  2. Oatmeal and Banana Pancakes

    Pancakes for breakfastg
    Banana and oats pancakes

    Are you tired of the regular pancakes or you don’t even have time for that whole drama. Well, with a banana, some oats and an egg, maybe a bit of baking powder, yore good. Simply mash an overripe banana with some oats and an egg and fry straight up. You can have this with sauce or with honey.

  3. Plantain


    How do you like your plantains?

    Whether grilled or boiled, plantains are a go for breaking the fast. With some fried fish and vegetable sauce or maybe stew. One or 2 whole plantains with a good side of vegetable will definitely get us moving and in a great mood.

  4. Sandwich


    How about a sandwich
    Tired of plain bread and eggs?

    Well, in case you have never tried it before, a sandwich is one of the most amazing and surprisingly filling meals ever. Now, imagine the normal 4 slices of bread that probably doesn’t touch the hunger, and you eat half of that and you’re super full? Well, just layer your bread with some mayo and load up with some cut chicken on one slice, tomatoes and or cucumber on another, boiled eggs on another and maybe some sardine on another layer. Cover up with a last slice and you’ve got your super balanced and filling breakfast going. You can put some ground pepper to help satisfy the need for spicy.

  5. Pap and Moimoi/akara/ beans

    akara and pap
    The local way…

    Depending on how your pap is made, and what it made from, it comes in a wide variety of healthy, not unnaturally processed food. Mostly made from high fibre grains, and cereals often fortified with some healthy stuff, its one great breakfast. Plus, pap is so easy to make. Balance it up with some milk and moimoi, or akara. This is best cos pap digests so easily.

  6. Avocado toast

    Toasted bread with an avocado spread.
    Different kinda spread

    Try something different and healthy with toasted bread using avocado as your spread. Mix your avocado with some powdered pepper and lemon juice to give it an exciting taste layered with eggs.                                                                                               ALSO READ: HOW TO STAY HEALTHY WHEN YOU WORK 8 HOURS

  7. Bread and Fried eggs

    Quick shallow fried egg, better with plenty vegetables to add more nutrition.

  8. Salads

    A light and healthy breakfast
    Breakfast time!!!

    If you are on the fitfam train, then why not just pick up a healthy wholesome salad, or order for some. The thing about salads is how well they satisfy without weighing you down. And all that healthy goodness in a yummy package.

We could go on and on, but surely these few ideas should inspire you to get some morning fuel before the day begins. Think about the money you’d rather spend on and the calories from junk food when you skip a planned breakfast.

What’s your favourite breakfast meal? Or better yet, are you team breakfast or ‘coffee only’ in the morning?


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