Exercises that can increase your height

The same way you gain height from consuming certain meals is just the same way certain exercises help in gaining height. These exercises help in stretching the muscles of the body, thus promoting growth. Here, we would be looking at some of these exercises:

  • Swimming:

Swimming aids in utilizing all the muscles in the body and also provides it with a complete workout. When swimming, the tendons of the calves, upper arm, thighs and the abdomen are being pulled and this has been known to effectively cause height gain.

  • Stretches:

Stretching helps in extending the muscles of the body and is one of the most popular exercises to increase height. It exerts pressure on the growing part of the body, which allows the body to grow taller. To have a noticeable height increase, it is recommended that this exercise is carried out often.

  • Basketball:


This sport is one that exercises all the muscles in the body, thus aiding proper growth. When playing basketball, jumping is being integrated, and this helps in muscle growth by increasing muscle tension.

  • Cobra Pose:

Cobra pose

This pose helps in stretching the body lengthwise by creating a pull on the muscles.

  • Standing Vertical Stretch:

To carry out this exercise, you are to stand on your toes with feet placed apart and lift your body on them. This helps in toning calf muscles too.

Have it mind that growth actually stops at a certain age, and so little or nothing can be done to still increase in height after that age and also that certain factors affect growth. Also have it in mind that exercise, nutritioning and rest goes hand-in-hand and all should be carried out in other to achieve the desired height.