Sculpting the body you want with exercise and a routine

Many folks desire that banging summer body. The ultimate drop-dead gorgeous physique that will get that dude or babe drooling. Well, this is not banana, it will not fall on you. What it requires is hard work and commitment built around exercise. And even though this might not be news to you, you most likely still find it hard to muster the motivation to begin your fitness journey.

Well, maybe what you need is to know exactly what exercise routines will give you the exact body that you desire. For instance, it is possible that you want a firm and larger butt (gluts). Maybe a flatter stomach, but with a stocky (thick) build (actually, it seems every girl wants this).

This means you don’t need to lose weight, you only have to work on some problem areas. If this is you, then you are definitely in the right place. You will be reading how you can target your exercises to work on specific areas of your body. It is summer, after all, the pandemic should not stop you from slaying.

Exercises to reduce belly fat

Abs flat
Abs for days

For the reduction of belly fat and getting toned abs, experts all over the world agree that crunches are the way to go. To do crunches, lay flat on the floor or a yoga mat with your feet flat on the floor and spread apart. Then put your hands behind your head (don’t interlock your fingers). Inhale, and lift your upper body from the floor while exhaling (try not to move any other part of your body) and go back to lying. to start with, you can repeat this 10 times a set, 2 or 3 sets a day.

If you are just starting, you can also begin with lunge twists and try to walk at a brisk pace every day (this helps). A good tip is to do all these exercises on an empty stomach so that you don’t end up with indigestion.

Exercises to give you bigger butt


This one is mostly for the ladies. It is generally accepted that doing squats is the go-to exercise for bigger and better-shaped butts. But dropping it like its hot is not the only exercise that can give you the butt of your dreams. It works for some people, but for some, it is best combined with other exercises including lunges.

To perform the basic squat, stand with your feet wide apart, toes facing forward. Bring your hand together in front of your chest, then lower yourself into a squat, then come back up. To add a lunge, take a big step forward with your left foot and then lunge. Stop when both legs are at a 90-degree angle relative to each other, and then stand up. Repeat this as many times as you can. You can even have some fun with it and do jumping squats (jump a step from side to side before squatting).

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Exercises for the biggest and strongest pecs

Decline Pressup
Decline Press-ups

Guys gather around, it is not a bad idea to work on those chests this period and you do not even need to go to a gym. Apart from making you look good, chest workouts help with posture. They can make you look taller too because it adds height to your chest wall (5-foot geng, you should be listening).

You can start with a series of decline press-ups. To do this, place both your feet (they should be together) on something a little bit high, like a bench or stool. Then place both palms on the floor with your hands facing forward and slowly go down on your arms until your chest almost touches the floor. Then push back up and repeat.

You can also go for regular or staggered press-ups. For the former, you do the same as above, but your feet will be on the floor instead. For the latter, change the position of your arms with one placed more forward than the other. Then come down, push up explosively and switch the position of your arms.

If you have dumbbells, you can try the dumbbell squeeze press. Lie flat on your back, hold two dumbbells together, begin with your arm straight. Then lower your arms until the dumbbells lie just over your chest, then lift again to repeat. If you are consistent with these, you will see some interesting results in a few weeks.

Swim suit body loading

So, you can try out these simple workouts while at home especially if you do not have access to a gym at the moment. Come out on the other side of this pandemic with your dream body, you will thank yourself.

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